Troops Rescue

Hijacked Jet

RIO DE JANEIRO (CP) Brazilian troops folled.

» & hijack attempt aboard a Brazilian airliner with tear gas, fire-fighting foam and bullets Wednesday and took four hijackers off the plane. The pligt was shot fn the legs and ‘one of the hijackers t ried to kill himself.

would stay : Hees ; : : S Soviet-American _ periority in trained ‘manpower, ne uit eway enge Four Embassies the dans ofa Seva-Ameccen peconty in tried taper, Mame GUS. sktier,.e Then the troops begen their A Fi bo b d But they said a rey of hope tle ‘against the Arabs, has been Naioal: Actions DC$ with 20 at ateais seamen: 5 re treoomove Pere tea hee Semmes Mpa ben BF Gib OS persons aboard, was wo 5 : Cube hile en route from San troops took up positions Neer WASHINGTON (AP) Four Latin American 7% Sie. Mtuation down ‘because Francisco to Miami. it spent al- es eae 2 eee were’ slightly” they ate ee npage ere eace most 10 hours in Havena, then Stenbed on Ne tail, edged int carty today, almost 2A hours. after the int might ps Teact ry wes allowed to complete its way forward to open a roof American defence board was rocked by a pipe tilesties into Ne ae hee Te teak Feta sal eve —— do Sul Caravelle with 34 passen- plane frotil nose to tail. foe oe at De indication of who was responsible The ofticiale said the Rassian Envoy gers and seven crew members Ringed bpp acre: ‘A attack, 7 pire senoconini rr Lashom oa la oe oe covering the movements of a credit for Wednesday's bombing in a special United States as well as for Is- it took off from. Rio de Janeiro squad of ermed men who delivery letter to The Associated Press in which it reel because the American 6th for Buenos Aires. Tushed out from seven points to denounced the defence board and the Organization Fleet ight find i difficult: to ame - Fast ‘The woman, who appeared to pry open the emergency exits. of American States, the board's parent body. operate in the Mediterraneen in be im an advenced stage of Several passengers, including Today's Molotov cocktail came the face of growing Soviet: air Prove how well she had learned = Segrancy, was carrying the Shankland sommed at of within 25 minutes of each other at the embassies power there. LOS ANGELES (AP) her Jessons in obedience classes, Cindy gets encour- sroup's arsenal of revolvers in emergency exit during the of Haiti, Argentina, Uruguay and the Dominican Tf the Russian buildup contin. President Nixon ‘has agement from her. yonug owner. (For story, see @ false belly Toe! Republic, all of which are within a few blocks of ues, there would have to be an ty the Page 5.) Brazilian euthorities said the one another, The Haitian embassy was first hit, at Americen counter-reaction, al. Strong’ defended pilot convinced the hijackers he THE WEATHER 2:45 a.m.

z would have to return to Rio for Cross-Canada SS ties ey diplomatic N. acert a e one ofthe Oiarle, Skee are variable ‘Air Record Set == cn


{ 5

| iE Hf i i aff Py il ty sii

defence department spokes- Tounded it: and wamed the Man sxid that Capt. R. D. Patti- son, 34, of Calgary, made the flight in five hours, 34 minutes “We will and 21 seconds, for an average one by one,” the hijackers ra- Today B S speed of more than 500 miles an ‘ocd back, One Year Age m

Inside Your Intelligencer Hastings, Prince Edward County Ontario

Montreal universities and Algonquin college in Big Four Middle East talks, bodian border as “the most. de-

six-minute refueling stops at’ j Scholars announced. Pages 3 and 5, Te Jeaves for Europe tonight amid. Cisive action in terms of damag-

~ Gin MP" | @ Bolleville’s young people decide to take a stand | Sets etme all wil produce recommendations by yrs of was ke toot nee i derebaproni deren bth ag

; + next spring for the federal-provincial study. dle East: policy. effective warfare that has 00

A second Canadian forces on the proposed peace festival, Page 2. PRR Reports Wednesday said Rus- curred in this war to date."

(CF.5, piloted by Capt. R. R. @ Separate School Board buys Tweed-Hungerford SAIGON (AP) South Vietnimese troops aia no. longer a insisting | on He also sald “Cambodia's Kitchener, ‘was

District High School. Page 3. @ OSD is host to convention of Ontario Associa- tion of the Deaf. Page 5.

BELFAST (CP) About. town of Coalisland were insti- British troops and local police the Protestant Orange Order y* 10,000 militant Protestants pa- sated by members of the out- < firing tear ges. Four Areld four marches | peacefully lawed Irish Army. a sokdier and several civilians under the watchful eyes of 700 vaded without incident ‘through Republican Army, “Known IRA men were seen Were. injured, and 10 persons British troops. It was a dress Belfast Wednesday. night, but ‘a * the were rebearsal for the annual parade enother march 40 miles away the crowd spokesman The IRA, an extremist group July 12 to’ celebrate the 17th touched. off “minor be said. ‘proves, who’ te behind “i+ vows to reunify Irelend by cenkury Protestant delesk’ ef tween Protestants and Roman the riots force if necessary, is outlawed Catholic troops at the Battle of Catholics. The rival’ religious factions in both Northem Iretend and in the Boyne. The big parade last A’ British ecm: hurled rocks, bottles and other the Irish Republic to the south. Year touched off Catholic-Prot- implied that the disorders\in the missiles et each other and at In Belfast, 10,000 members of _ stant warfare that raged for : e Belfast, Londonderry end Heath Promises Tax Cut 3:22 . - "~~~have ‘been the scene of disor- t : » : ~ ders since Friday, ‘when Catho- es a a lic leader Bermadette Deviia As Parliament Convenes =*22="= ; her part in the riots last sum- ae mer, The acmy said several * LONDON (CP) Prime Min-. ‘European Common Market. It will, make another attempt to IRA men were spotted during Heath's new Conservative reaffirmed the new govemn- Teach a settlement in the break- last weekend's street betiles in its Jegisla- ment’s pledge to strengthen the . away African colony of Rhode- Belfast in which six persons five program today, North AlBance: Pee were killed and more than 200 fax cuts and strike curbs at ~The pledged that the On domestic affairs the wounded. ) ome ‘and 4 vigorous foreign government “will. cooperate omy govern At Dungannon y policy. with our Commonwealth friends ment's “first*concem will be to night, gunmen ph rege ; speech from the throne, in measures aimed at maintain: sigengthen’ the economy and home of, Austin Cursie, a Catho- glitter. ing peace and stability in Com- ‘Curb “inflation,” Ke member of the Parlia- Pariia- Countries ‘Je Sath- * Heath’ fought his successful” ment. Currie, fo SEES ALY government out-. east Asia.“ =‘! 4! |) election campaign on ~ these missed being hit 6y one of three plans. Tt was a‘tlear reference to pledges, He promised: to cut bullets which tote into the house STEN <N ; arriving in a Heath's promise to keep British taxes and. still keep social sery: papel pregichan ne 7 eee ae Sita aoe Nar } Soach with». troops East of Suez, The Debor ices gaing by improving effi. British yo Secretary Re- : : eee ep gaat ii ee pare peter p fanaa ginald returned to Hit h FI ae a “Charles, spoke lune*18 elections, had pledged called wastefu Government London afte? a two-day visit to yer \ iH PL tlgepadiciy cl cep aw hinenier a Northem Ineland and was. ex- ee ign r : ft ve next Details tax pected Prime Minis- : co 3S the a clhieciidbestiGs ate copcnaarin “ter = ots at Landes .. Ufeguart George Wilson, 18, at North- “Wilson over-32-f se espacied, lhe speech [ao the “government's first” budget, can do more to cool tem- Castway park, Indianapolis, does a quick ons this picture wes taken. ‘that ‘the pers in : 7 .

the province. . and a half gainer off the 10-metre board. .

Gordon Johnston, Joseph noon about the Black Cultural Peace Festival.

. | Ontario Housing 4 Corporation

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Will be available in his office by special appointment only duting the month of July 1970.

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Meeting With Mayor Duguay and Steven Dougherty greet Mayor J. Russell Scott in his Office before their 40-minute meeting Tuesday after-

Ontario Housing | Cheesemakers

In Trouble

| Longer Hours | } For Library |

oF Be

5 33


Belleville The most popular read- place. 7 will stay open on’ Wednes- ing item in Belleville at the old te day afternoons and even- moment is John Gals- still Rnb anes date ze } ings beginning September -worthy’s The Forsyte Saga, ; , fae See tlas nal Soe nice ta 9, library officials reported the work that is the basis |] impression ut ise te city this morning. for the"popular BBC serial f white rari councillors The Wbrary had closed currently being shown by question their ‘attitude. Friday. Mr. Johnston explained what at noon on Wednesday but the CBC on Sunday even- , “We want to do something | Fricay, led him ‘and his companions Gemand has intreased so ings: Belleville Public Lib- for people, not play tennis in ae coon to the mayor's office. that the new hours were rary has 12 copies of the the city’s parks,” Mr, John- “We wanted to find out why pocks rman they didn't read the I7-page = : ba tad plas Fata briet on the festival.” he said. : =a back. We never seem to: do SS oe «= Policemen’s Pa =i “We asked why he didn't y “We're going to keep getting want the festival and he said e : onary anv! airor oo zinc tt May Be Arbitrated = sta through Y though we're young. “He asked what we did for A spokesman for the Belle- ed 10 per cent for the first “We. want to help in the Belleville and I told him Ville Police Association, cur- year and another 10 per cent Commumity, but all we ever about ‘pollution probe and the ently locked in wage negot- for the second year. Get is kicked in the head.” Belleville Week Rock Con- ‘ations with the Belleville Po- “This was before the gov- Mayor’ Scott in cert.” lice Commission, sald this ernment set the six per cent Mr. Johnston is an official morning that “The negotia- limit," the mayor explained. with the Belleville Pollution tions will go to arbitration “We were agreeable to 15 Probe and he organized and tmiless the attitude of the per cent increase,” - the - participated in a Moira River Board of Commissioners spokesman for the police as- cleanup. He was also chair- changes.” sociation said this morning. man of the committee that The Police Association, in He said the police commis- ran the Belleville Week Rock ea vongeyas bet yet speed sone wp eter, Nad bees ety of business if the provincial ag cna ef the tomeyenin bers et the association were At present a first class t or federal governments do not ing projects in the week-long surprised to learn they had constable in Belicville makes give more assistance, @ gTOUP celebration. been offered a 15° percent $7,776 per year. A probation- of Central Ontario cheese “He said they could not increase in salary during ary constable earns $6,150 producers warned yesterday cater to the minority of Belle. negotiations. per year, Second and third in Campbellford. ville.” Mr. Johnston continu. © ‘Major J. Russell Scott was class constables are evenly The group is an executive ed “What can we dd? We quoted in The Intelligencer staggered’ in between those . committee set up at a hurried don't vote. We don't pay any Saturday es explaining that two figures. REPAIR : meeting of cheesemakers taxes.” the city had countered police In terms of dollars, the month to discuss the emer Mr. Johnston said that he . wage demands with a fat 15 [nage esrerny mie had talked to several business- cent increase in one year. lor ai 000 a year for sale nd lenesece a amerinc'; ce The / mapoatlig < commnlh: <a: Henk; dlehd ofastabia SAME - DAY SERVICE 3 and the businessmen mainly tee of the Police Association st had wanted to see the festival at eo Sand ren made Sere oe 3 come here. of such an offer,” MES: Crowns, Stems, Mainsprings. -“We were going to have ment said, SAGE TO Only Manufacturers’ Original Parts Used | & protest," Mr, Johnston said, ‘The statement also said that CUSTOMERS OF ath tian Sed “but we didn't think that the association felt that the aa Timed and Set would do anything but create citizens and taxpayers of : _ An Weck Geartetesd end Reasonably Priced | violence and that isn't what Belleville should be made Chambon, e we want." aware of the true feeling of , @ Timex Watches - Factory Repair Service | Céonsuking with lawyers, the association with regard Foods Lid, FREE ESTIMATES Mr. Jobnston will circulate sedifag! Lan artmed fein | petitions to decision negotia! Oy comollieveliod’ mA. sbort two years ago,” MEMBERS JEWELLERY REPAIRS 2 binne’ Sock tn. oon. Batlesie | Police Aasoelation apmlommibie estes il} of Woodstock as seen Be = on the film circulated by the was, receiving salary for a CHAMBERS AUTHORIZED FACTORY REPAIRS OPP, It's a one - sided view constable of $100 less per year showing muta. That was than a constable on the Pro- || WEEKLY SPECIALS ED. LOGAN JEWELLER pop festival. The peace fest- vinctal his ival here wes not a pop fest: “Today that same constable |] T# Thursday July 8th, 9 a.m. 21 BRIDGE ST. EAST ival. The Hare Krishna people in Belleville is Chambers Customers Only F oe were coming and other people $1,707 less than the constable Nabob Purd Strawberry or were coming to speak. on the provincial force. Raspberry Jam, 24-01, 78¢ ea, “The mayor mentioned that “In comparing with ,other | Chambers Pure Tomato the Black Panthers would cities, towns, township pol- || Ketchup, 20-02. ..... come up for it. He said the hea aed police stan 3 is ts Canada then, Papaerelisn conse er pred tacry. time |] Potstees, 1902. ...... A.N.A.F. ble.” receiving for services Not only is Mr. Johnston amounts varying from $1,400 |] 10 per pkg. ............. DUKE OF EDINBURGH UNIT working on a petition, but he to $1,900 less than officers is trying to arrange discus- of constables doing the same VISIT THE BEAUTIFUL AIR CONDITIONED sions with the other council. type of duty.” Ti eae i at TARTAN LOUNGE . Po Committee’ °%,% % ces wae C0kepdseucbeneaccd PPY negotietions elsewhere, the | 29007 tanta FRIDAY, JULY 3 f Offi members of the Belleville As- El pl sey ef t low el shar 2 2) ‘was al » |e eSeeeree, OR... , At a meeting of the Belle- “They (the “THE CAMEOS”

association ville Poppy committee held members) felt its strange they recently at the ANAF hall, should learn via the news media that an offer greater

and. 487 and RCAF Wing 418. Business meetings will he © held monthly,



Give eebaae contracior, ors, Hf possible, st


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Tucker Is Appoin

jee Ff

“dispute by the cld) Twee over. closure and sale of the 198 45 35 high school: ~ : Now. that the: Se ee ee sy teat nine Tetain =f ? county board. remained “regarding 7 s school board : $ ted ; 10. institution,’ 5! e Af lest Monday's meeting —.

+ woukln't "8" practical ‘or informed Mr, ‘DeBruyn i T Pp : : A matin sphon board Sat Be ed ites Sak oma pee _ drenton Foundkeeper ‘so 225% : King Sut (bum onan "TRENTON (Statf) Town Ty to: inspect Mr. Tucker's A primary factor that to- the* public beard) sugs OPP @dal i= sonliee, ant hed ex council ended six months of premises, "which are subject fluenced council's “decision that. the publi aya Pressed no intention of pass- Monday even- to the requirements of the . was money Pees 3 school from _ ing_a bylaw prohibiting. jay- jog a op tormea ertmias Animals” for Research “Act Morand —- separate school board. Presented Councillor Ted “Parker ¢ ton's poundkteper and animal ; special council session that the chairman of “the Hastings posed an additional ‘crosewell: warden. Me orial Pla eg 07 pave the Humane Society county board's liaison ¢om- Hated Mee at the Soe, Saving that would Back traf. Eres sesecect bntveen the mom VCS i the rate of 50 cents per mitte, said the matter would tic "up _ greatly ~ Tucker ; capita an expense of over be discussed with the separ: = bot’ Lake ‘detachment of the . “I can't think cohen i aftadtive 1s. 10 Be Replaced ores edie y Ontario Provincial Police was "jess enticing that woot at on Avent. U. P $7,000 while Mr, Tucker will ale school board. but not'be-

BW presented with « long-service courage people from coming Seay OS Ere salary of $2,000. TWEED “— The bronze i © ae ty Anise Cain, Smttown a all," he aweert- Tommy Hunter Discusses. His Sho Tt will continue in force un adues with the “names of cently, Assistant Commis- ed. ~ s ti J ‘1, 1971, and f Harold Graham a A ae reeled “We : E H lid progres te = lepton Bis Bak to ek od ma es ewe ee se Country Holiday i: mmic‘wine Sy Mis seme by ros

: A | é E

giving three months’ notice. walkathon sponsored

years of meritorious service people from crossing at their S 4 R: : H Mr. Tucker, who performs Me ons reshapes ed with the force. own risk, we would be agree- tarts un ere animal control services for auxiliary of the Royal Cana- ap tapas trp topee de able. : other. municipalities in the dian Legion, raised more than become. chief’ constable ‘at dacmnn, Motended after the Country Holiday, the CBC ® very” tempting.” he said. “I area. opereiea an animal $1,000 to defray the plaques’ Hanover. lews 34 and passed by- radio network country and’ just like staying in Canada. I shelter at Stirling. replacement hepato ca Sey conning: 8 ayia. western show, ‘starring Tom- like our education and the way He will replace the Quinte

contin phe samion “a oon ee at my Hunter, will begin tts sev- things are handled. I just don’t Branch of the Ontario Hu- : sab wey Dundas West ne _— en-week engagement in Belie- like their (United States) mane Society whose contract

ee approving removal ville tomorrow night... setup.” with the town expires August NESS FORTRAIT ome ral arent ot coal and over. ~” Me. Hunter. was nthe cty sie eceel oet oe 4 of this year. Ed tere ees a 5 3 Pees 3 afternoon to talk with a itable Council decided to hire Mr. J

100 “t Getactenech contman- Implementation of council's Prag Meise deg Sand vision show offer, but said he Tucker following . meetings WM. E. RILEY

=) __. decision is subject to the ap- men about i. would not move there with his with him, the Humane Society

was promoted to his Proval of the Ontario Depart-

Mr. Hunter, most impressive family but only work there in representatives and a trip to as a businessman in his inter- that case.

‘Cleric’ Convicted En 'cocaie te ths : it to remain here For ‘Camp’ Fraud See




TORGNTO cause & close (to Toron

A non-exist- the public of $54,000. to). Mr. Hunter explained. : . ent. children's camp and or. A general He said that when the show Panag De nln ae iba aos iy com He sd that when be sb FRIDAY and SATURDAY -Marmora, has sent a self- ther of six children, for sotici- mainly because that town was styled church patriarch to jail ting thousands of Uollars from too small, Ks officials had MEN’S & LADIES’ for nine months. small businessmen throughout _ talked to some people in other SUMMER SAMPLES ALL BONE CHINA


i, P ice 7,95 and up asus have

jc mine | “ee | a STEMW, ARE ENGLISH BONE CHINA DINNERWARE can essere} CUPS &

f the i he said. Named for County [or sor Pitc between 1992 be said ve toat

kia Gwendolyn Margaret Daven- tract a king’s ransom in coun-

se Sipe ae eas _ Port, child welfare supervisor try and western music perfor-_

legiate Institute's. Ontario ‘0T the social and family ser- mers to Belleville for the sev-

5 released vices department, testified . en weekly shows at Centennial day by principal E. eee: that in 1968 Hamel sought im- Secondary School.

Incladed on the honor roll are diate approval for a pro- Mentioned as_ performers

Maxine Brown, Picton, Suz- ject to assist homeless child- were Gordie Tapp, Roy Aculf,

ei ren. It would have meant a George Hamilton IV, Tommy Wines @ Cocktails : ai nly Fe 2, PRaz™ $1,000,000 contribution by the Cash and Hank Soow among || 6 Patterns te choose from Partalts @ Juice SAUCERS Janet Foster “RR 1, Picton, Ontario government. others. This Friday's guest is Open Stock Price 50.05 9 een | Pie ete, Donna. Havery, Picton, Ar. _ 50¢ said Hamel brought her David Houston, star of Hee- ery Price Reg. 2.95 lene Monroe, RR 4, Picton, % 2tapbook and a letter indi- Haw. Bridal Mark Rabnett, Picton Judy » Cating’ a community for 200 _ Strictly a summer show, the Now Each .......... = Suddard, “Picton and Neil Sip- homeless children would be CBC production will be s pecial ....., a

kes, RR 2, Picton. built in Havelock, but ended every Friday night for

OW, ble” Picton Kiwanis Had wea tinea ie. tees eee STAINLESS ear eaten Elects Officers oievesl aarb diving bis hour of edited) muse taped STONEWARE | SILVERPLATE trial, from the two- to threehour |] @ ¢ Knives @ 6 Forks 20 Piece Set 60 Piece Set for 12 PICTON (Staff) Picton Judge W. F. B. Rogers said live show will be heard on © 6 Teaspoons ca

wanians F : ~~ Hamel, who had undergone Sundays. % xives Tobey their aah Shem psychiatric assessment, lacks ~ Admission to the program dent succeeding Donald Stew- @ firm grip on reality. at Centennial will be $2.75 at art. A are oe Heenel, cs the door and $2 in Fi is Holiness ius I Mr,. Hunter, who began to " Wynee orders rhe there is no such person.” play guitar when he was nine ted as second vice-president, *4/d the judge. . years old in his native London, |}, 9€*--+--+++ Secretary is Willard Martin. He ordered Hamel placed Ontario, discussed the possi: |f = Gin Boxed ss Special....... B Was | NOW -........ Directors for the coming 9 probation for three years bility of moving to the United ferm include John Boos, Paul after his release with the States to further his career. Brown, Harry Hicks, Roland _ Provision he must not solicit “T don't particularly want to Moore, William= Olan, Max !unds from the public. go, but sometimes it’s very, Piper, Gary Rorabeck, and

tina were emdesed dings | ==» « COMING EVENTS



dinner meeting this week at the Royal Hotel. DANCING EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT,| SOCIAL EVENING, 313 CHURCH|}- BY BU A* gold decoration, set on brass y + $1.00. yermare Maysicevsthe ttt a recy Triay.. Bizzest” prizes tin LOV base for a touch of added Famous European Artists Ob itu ConKS 3 AND BBP. 30a Ane} [0WR. Also jack-pot. Early Bird A Fine Watch For Only lustre. Smart shade with gold wuary - | holding ‘ele anmust | church ARE} Special, 720 Resa tares tas z 17 95 a CECIL ALLAN SPENCER Seadent Aa te KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS s0c- 2 Reg. 10.95 e up Funeral service was held LPs B.A. lal evening at K of C Hall every . for ‘Cecil Allan Spencer June n fe ve|* lala ‘and ents epecisie’ Admission Beautifully Gift Packaged [ Sale ..... *e a Belleville’s Largest Array 28e. E M-ev-thure-tt =P

See ce CN aay a te _caus| Sen el with Rev. John Bunner of- Social, -Ameliasburg Township

ficlating. Interment follow- | Mall, Saturday; July 4th, 1970. 7.30 ed at Belleville Cemetery Bim Aaminion + Aa : me plasoer'hai.tyoteg and Stroud’s 206-208 rers were Raymond burg Community Centre Board. powereeding. | Shorey, Knowlton Wright, |____ 4743] 14th st Ontario Business College. FRONT STREET pp Doulas ‘Scea, Harold Mar- | "ica Nove, cepertine Aucoe «| WATER COLON CLABEES GORE BE SURE TO VISIT OUR UPSTAIRS! SURPRISES! oi Bhall, Hudson Ketcheson and | Yor full details apply. Mawson| menciog next week. For further ; Bus Tours, Box 635. Phone 066 informetien Call 772 : Jed-ev-ta-th-tt} eren 962-1008.



Zippered - 18” x 4%" x z VACATION 7 SPECIAL... 99C :


s 1090's. 1.78 value S B sreciat... 88¢|srecmn.... 88¢4




Geox. Sugg, 1.23

wosseenims SPECIAL.... 88c 3


10-e2. Sug. 1.38 10-02, Sugg. 1.58


SPRAY With Sfree blades tien. Sere. me 5 |g c e srectan.... 97C SPEEIAL 57¢;


:Fluoride Toothpasie 1 gg

E: 1 Round - Vacation Special Beaba S K: REMEMBER KELLY’S IS AS 4 NEAR AS YOUR TELEPHONE:3 : CALL 962-5388






~ diag Press’ and.The ‘Audit Bureau of Circulatica.


_ 483/and Brotherhood Festival been given’ permia-

Member: Canadian Dally Newspaper Association; Cana

Peace’ Movement o\"There ts no knowing just what would have chad, the so-called ‘Belleville Peace

rm Naty

sees Poty

Dewy ae

‘adherents with a penchant for violence, of for “creating trouble themselves. -

Pre we 6a eae chase nine pe rarer air garter re eens

“ion to hold its proposed gathering at the Fair- Pogrounds August 2.


Ne We do however have the evidence of other ‘moectings of this nature and it is our opinion

; that" Council's rejection of the festival reflects thé. view of many that the “peace” movement “4s one of the big political put-ons of our day.

“= We are not saying the Belleville Peace and ‘Brotherhood people necessarily belong in this category —but is it not a fact that many of at involved in the peace thing are members

‘ot the New ‘Left, radicals whose words and actions bear all the hallmarks of subversion.

And far from. promoting peace they have a

happy knack of attracting to theif ranks

And why? Because in reality they

a concerned not with peace but with creating an

. . . . *



“atmosphere of dissension and casting doubt “on the efforts of those at the national and » International level who are genuinely attempt-

ing to-achieve peace. Yes in areas like Southeast Asia and the Middle East; and they can now add to these Northern Ireland. "These are the places where the action is and where peace must be established somehow, by those nations who are directly involved and by any others who seek to assist as neutral arbiters, But a peace festival in Belleville on the other hand by persons of indeterminate political affiliations what impact could it hope to achieve on those areas of the world where there is conflict? 2 <What do people talk about at such gath- erings? After all, who is there among us who does not want peace? The usual format is to

- deplore the United States’ involvement in

Southeast ‘Asia (but with the withdrawal from Cambodia, the Americans are now apparently

j Making good their promises to get out of that * area as soon as possible); and a host of other

political red herrings may be drawn across the scene, before what largely may be an audience

of impressionable young people, until “peace”

“es such gradually fades out in the haze of

subtle and impassioned, but largely meaning. Jess, oratory. .

This can be only a short step away from the crowd getting stirred up, often by profes- sional agitators, blows being struck, the police becoming reluctantly involved and suddenly there are all the elements of real, trouble. Jf drugs are present, with their pushers and users, then the problem is so much the worse.

Quite apart from the traffic involved in a potential crowd of thousands, from widely~ scattered points in both Canada and the United

* Btates, there are all these other imponderables

and potential hazards which City Council has seen fit to head off in the general interest of the populace. As it is, Belleville is one of the most peaceful communities in Canada, but its people do not have their heads in the sand; we are all aware of the evils of this modern per- missive society and of the eccentricities of

various pressure groups. The peace movement :

generally, we believe, falls into this category, because peace is not really what it is all about.

Loyalist Memories

Tt is quite a span since Captain Peter Van ‘Alstyne and his fellow Loyalists salled trom New York to settle the area arqund Adolphus- town, but if he, were still around today he would surely approve of the provincial govern- ment’s fine park development and memorial to

“the pioneers, as well as the museum.

Skirting a large stretch of the water separ- attractive. The view from the ferry terminal looking..across to Glenora still has that lush

The farm homes in the area south from Napanee around: Hay Bay and west to the

i ue


fete 2




ths apr ai orl Bi ili

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tides pps | F) £

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53 RE


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Ee Ly ti

re Teachers’ Extra

ae alt ft af

S »

H see i


‘The Intelligencer weltomes jetters to the editor, Letters should be written or typed on one side of the paper only and bear the address and signature of the sender, For publication ~xposes 8 peendonyms or pes-name may he used Uf so indicated.

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Mrs. Baker of Reiny River is visiting her sister, Mrs. W. H. Finkle, Foster Ave.

Mr. and Mrs. ,Angus Mowat of Windsor are yisiting friends in the city. Formerly, Mr, at was librarian at the Public Library here.

Sinclair St. for a few days. 50 YEARS AGO July 2, 1920 At the regular meeting of Moira Lodge No. 11 AF and AM.. a’ the conclusion of the business of the lodge, R, J. Graham gave an interesting talk on his recent trayels in *

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Visitors sign up with OAD officials for the 39th Biennial Convention

‘being held from June 29 to July 5 at the Ontario School for the Deaf. At

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(Phote by G. N, Miter OfD)

~., 2 p.m. Monday registration held in the auditorium were Eugene Fowler,

Kingston; Mrs. T. Henault, Ottawa;"Mrs. A. D. Hazlitt, Aurora; Miss N. yee. Ayton, OAD secretary, Toronto, and James

: 1 Baskerville and Mrs. Baskerville, Jocal convention committee treasurer and :

assistant, of Richmond Hill.

Belleville Is Host

To Deaf Con

This year marks the 10&h School for the Deaf in Belle- As part of the years this week the

} anniversary of the OSD in

in Belleville and has served as a reunion of the Belleville School alumni to “promote the eims ‘and objectives” of the essdclation, 23 well as for en-


only province-wide, but. from outlying «provinces as well.

Officials from OSD reported that almost every community accepted the invitation and delegates were on hand for the registration on Monday at 2 the auditorium of the OSD.

At 8 p.m. that same day, opening ceremonies with an address by E. Marshall Wick. 1970 convention chairman and