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4 . ¥ id " wn ae aes rath res a J men ; . gyre: if ne Vb uShe ey y : Lah naive : : biter: iV bon nane ye rau , mens F a saat epeewty: oe ‘yn fare cas . . : , age, A r) eee were ; 4) i ; biel 2 sin 4 aye he re Page anes : y ae mek , is 1} 5 : dierent terecna dl is by wie a 5 Rt 7 tela ee rene ona as Aten Sn oa ot eB 7 wae veh iver ebe ib ain Fe Pe ergo" ats f . Bioeah: “dpres, Aid eter Bot tit Netter TA Bh) 3 Sener : i 4 hacen : ae hy nile ate 8 h c re ef van be ea epeey aan aey

“4 ry ¢ oe > , ante ye ; : : pedi re

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“4, , ve ne : “ne ee tt ey iy ‘" ‘e ; ee , as WX _ 4 “oe E } i 2 ; pas rire . Cherie ig 7 riper gnats 4 . asad § y H “fs ea i tet

eer naif eh Gi oye ah has Sag gayignsl at

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cheek : yr ener " tf ciate Lar : eset tees ) 5 4 snaked a far i F aS tN ea cocuery oaet ig Pies an ete tia ah ieee ae 8 ce bi Feet 9 i Bae Abu as ie i vane ine y vas? wah el AG ea, . A UAL js oo r ide Pa ghee adopt Pi : i stein : ; ¢ ; ye vag oe \ ae ninahte f is } : Mahe Riko: 4 : shai Mes abies : Panel dp Snorer agate: oe nos ay pagan egy at Hy). A is i Mea . ? ay A e ste Pros ‘aS sonsae aint ert) A Ligh oft ef " ra wae a A Situs ce ate me a if ae erin 5 Rint as yids : * TAI Ye a “7 Seated ‘9 be cas We ree bin! Rupeweataearere Dy ees Adah ds Sate ata . nm on " : n ; agen ; hae hain Adar 2 - f canted 1; uy i ) 2

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ue nos nl ee

i 5 i. Mm 7 : a, : as . f ' ; : A 4, | , . f ' af me: is 7 - t

at Oey

ea | b) I


i ‘es Ii i ryi ‘AL

The Nation


April 4th, 1908, to September 26th, 1908.



he Nation



A Free Hand for the State ... : American Parties, The Break-up ai American Radicalism, The Growth in A Moral from Hops ... oi

An American Labor Party ...

A New Political Development

A New Triple Alliance? Anglicanism, The Weakness of ... Anglo- German Agreement, The Dey to an An Invasion of Liberty

An Olive Branch

An Untoward Incident

A Vision of New Toryism

A Word to the Labor Party...

Back to the Lords ... Balkans, The Peril in the

Campbell-Bannerman in the nn bee By the Rt. Hon. Lord Eversley fox ie

Campbell-Bannerman, Sir Henry MP

Catholic Church and Modern Life, The

Civic Volunteer, The _ Club Life, Some Abuses of ... Continent, The Waste ofa ... Co-operators and Politics

Crisis in Coffee, A ...

Crisis in the Cotien Trade, ore

Dark Side, The 5

Democracy and the Peace Movement Destruction of a Myth, The.. Development in the Church ... Disorganised Labor ... Se Doctrine of Tolerance, The ...

Eastern °48, The Empire, The Mood of _ England, The Wealth of a Entente of America and Australia, The |. Fiscal Fallacies :—

II. The Single Trade Tests Free Trade as an International Policy Free Trade Finance, The Victory of Free Trade, The Triumph of Frontier War, The ;

PAGE 146 39 560 262 147 367 296 407

Germany, A Message from . Government and the Suffrage, The . Government, The ‘“ Main Duty ”’ of the Government, The New ; Government, The Peril of the

Haggerston, A Lesson from ... on Harvest of London Reaction, The ... Home Rule, The Inevitability of ... be How to Regain the Liberty of the Road ...

Idealism in Politics ... Ak

India, Our Opportunity in ...

indian Portent, The..

Industrial Arbitration, The ‘Limits Of

Kings as Politicians ...

Liberalism, The Vision of ... 1% Liberal Europe, The Growth ofa ... London Police, The Character of the Lord Morley’s Indian Reforms, ITI. :— The Mischief of Over-Centralisation. William Wedderburn Lords, The Danger with the... Lost Liberty of the Road, The

wai Sir

Macedonia, The New Hope for Message of Liberalism to the East, The Morocco, The Future of

Mr. Hearst’ s Revelations

Mutiny of the Expert, The ...

Natal and the Native Question National Insurance, The Policy of ... Navy, The Quarrel in the ...

New Railway Situation, The

Peace, Further Steps to

Peace, The Strenuous

Peers and the Poor, The ... : Penal Policy, The Reversal of Our Pensions Bill, The Blot on the ~ Pensions Bill, The Final Form of the Pensions Bill, The Limitations of the Persia, Our Policy in




PAGE Persian Revolution, The Plight of the... ... 443 Poor Law and the Family, The ... a? vas hoe Portuguese Slavery ... eu ane ue eee Ou Position of the Monarch, The ... 4st aay 72 Poverty and Pauperism ... ~~ ae Ste Sue oii Poverty and the State ey we Tee Yes Power of a Modern Newspaper, The... 517 Prime Minister and Home Rule, The Late. By John Redmond, M.P. __... 217 Prime Minister, The Late ... Lie sa ao Prime Minister, The New ... me ths SoS Prison Population, hee a eel OK} Protection, The ‘“ Broad’’ Road to an ... 334 Protection, The Party of . a5 he bo eT Railway Policy, The Revolution in st ye Religion, The History of ... ae aes y Saeed Remitted to the Churches ... a ‘S, OL Road and the People, The ... eh aa 18 OOO Roosevelt Intervention, The i: a) Dn eaO8

Socialism, Two Schools of ... ie South Africa, The Next Phase in ... South Africa, The Saving of

South American Ruler, A . Speculative Revival, The ..t

Tradition of the Barricade, The .

Triple Entente, The Basis of the . a Tomlinson of Manchester, and Elsewhere ... Turkish Reform, The Problem of ... Turkey, The New Spirit in ...

Use of the Lash, The

Wanted, A New Scheme of Culture... er.

Wanted, An Understanding with Sean West, The Problem of the ... : Me What Does ‘‘ Votes for Women ’’ Mean? . What Votes for Women Should Mean


PAGE A Bit of a Philosopher. By the Rev. S. pret ag 413 A Child. By John Galsworthy ... 9 “A Distant Drum ”’ mt " aha 2) A Green Heaven .... ue ry! = ae 0G A Killing Competition ... ub? ae Sar OS American Statesman, An ... ate “ie Bema) America, The Romance of ... oye oe SEG An Earthly Paradise a she ely oP An Immortal. I. By the Rev. S. Henry sou do. II. do. do. De vieket f) An Impeachment of Cathedral Building ... unten’ |e) A Lost Child ... ee ne ae rg .. 484 Another Point of View. By May Kendall OOD A Revolutionary. By the Rev. 8. Henry ee OL Are Wild Animals Born Wild? ... bn spasarned Uap Art of Opening, The be gOS A Saint. By R. B. Cunninghame bGrahar Be A Study in Overlooking.’’ “By W. Hale White (Mark Rutherford) a: ws BS eg sy Ab Background of Glory, The ... cue Nee wae (00 Barmecide Feasts... S Se ds ae er tehedl Boat Race, The tn Ries are ae Sas oh Can Morals be Taught? ... a wes a OU Can Trout be Educated? ... hie re Braye Oe Careful Joy ... We A me fe sp TOL Caterpillars, The Year of ... a cr ie (atokth Child’s Fetish, The ... Me bee LLG Christian Dogma and Folklore... om eT, Churches and the Social Soul, The ... a Mian oe City of Dead Waters, The ... ss itd Po aN Complete Anarchist, The ... apes ae mee ih wl Cuckoo Habit, The ... “5s ee es a eaos Dead March, The ... sue Ret Ex. Bees ei U8 Dearth of Genius, The ... feo Shs pee BUH Death of the Rick Man, The. By Padraic Colum 119 Democracy and the Expert ue a mee Y hs) Despair of an Intellectual, The... eb: Peg)

Do We Over-Eat? ... ; ae bee aT:

Easter in Seville... End of the Land, The sa Be English Fiction, The Outlook for ... Englishman Born _... ea Ethiopian’ s Skin, The

Faith of Free Thought, The

Fear. By John Galsworthy

Fiction, The Trade in :

Fifty Years of Evolution . as sts

From Mid-Devon to Manchester. By CorgeG: Masterman, M.P. Re bese ex

Garden Primroses_... ote oat Grampians, Inthe. By C. H. Herford

Hope. By John Galsworthy

“In His Blindness ’’ Tronyy ca a Tuterval, The .

John Morley as Interpreter Kitchen Garden, The

Legend of Faust, The

Life and the Poet ...

Little Living Creatures -

London, The Tyranny of ...

Los Peares, un Minuto.” i R. B. ’. Cunninghame Graham

Maelshaughlinn at the Fair. By Padraic Colum Marathon, The oi ia 1 ae Mart, The... : fe: oe oie Meadow of the Dead, ‘The. "By Padraic Colum... Mediterranean, In the mp me ret Men Against Sportsmen

“Merrie England ”’ ...

Midsummer Trout, The


LIFE AND LETTERS (continued).

Millinery of Murder, The ... Mind of the Bee, The ae Mind of the Suburb, The ... Mob-Mind, The

Moliére and Modern Drama

Name of Gentleman, The ...

Olympia Rediviva. One Point of View. Onlooker’s Risk, The AM Order. By John Galsworthy Over-Delicacy of Speech

Paka the Cat. Panic ...

Passing of the ‘Horse, thal)

Pathetic Fallacy, The. By ea Kendall .

Pleasant Land, The ... Poet of Freedom, The ce Power of the Voice, The ...

Recruits Rush for the Sun, The

Osman Digna. By H. N. Brailsford


Pictures at the Artistes Frangais ... Pictures at the Paris Salon ...

The Entente in Fine Art . a The Londoner and His Buildings ee The New Gallery we The Royal Academy ...

The Sorolla Exhibition


An Artist and Some “Stars ”’

The Error of Bayreuth

The Significance of Richard Strauss Three Opera Singers ..

By May Kendall

By Sidhe C. H. Stigand

PAGE PAGE 267 Sameness of Fashion, The ... AE ba ... 482 412 Samuel Butler, The Case of de Fe ... 483 730 Scholar’s Melancholy, The ... 2s ae ia POG 631 Science and the Supernatural We a eel ae 520 Sharing. By RK. |. 7: Lae WV Si fae Tole Simple Life, The _... fe nes any ei © Alp: 698 Single-Flowered Rose, The ... AY Ae Dn a Surplus of Summer, The ... Ae He ie O69 By Professor Gilbert Murray /563 The Deformed Transformed 287 7 sat 697 putea * FP Mhel Paine ose, Marah ath, Ahk vical AND 78 Tipping, The Economics of ... aa re ay dL Le? Tolstoy, The Teaching of ... oe ct Hae toae 485 Tongues of Pentecost, The ... ap es Aen BOO Town and Country ...-_... ae oe eo 83 221 Tramp World, The ... as hy a enon ysl ae Tyranny of the Clock, The ... ie ut ml Ls 766 Undercurrent, The ... ee ae te 1 11 Ae Unnecessary Brock, The ... Wo on te oa0 5 446 Visitors is a ey. fy Lah ~y- 862 564 Water of the Moors, The ... bs ao .. 565 184 Wild Bee, The Pep ee 1A aM te aU CONTEMPORARIES. PAGE PAGE 82 President Diaz ay ie ug sh toh OOD ART, MUSIC, AND THE DRAMA. THE DRAMA. PAGE PAGE 271 A Dramatic Conversation.’”’ By H. W. M.... 222 120 A Parable of Life and Art. By H. W.M..... 416 378 A Revival of Poetic Tragedy. By H.W.M..... 309 601 Mr. Barrie’s Failure. By H. W.M. _.... eC 832 154 Mr. Pinero’s Hel aaa of Provincial . Life. By 187 H. W. M. 2 : ro see 220 223 The Art of Stage Dancing. By H. W. M. ... 523 “The Gay Lord Quex.’’ By H. W. M.... Bowl Oo PAGE The Immortal Snob. By H. W.M. ie oo) aD 524 The New Shylock. By H. W. M. Bs A ty 672 The Sad Case of Dr. Faust. By H. W. M. ... 866 901 The Stage and Modern Life. By H.W. M..... 344 269 anise, wa by Meow Mi, an a He hel SCIENCE. PAGE PAGE By Professor The Problem of SDE By Professor G. M. ; ae Se aoo Minchiniy an. 3 oe tiie eee hehe

The Latest Conception of Matter. G. M. Minchin :

vi | INDEX


PAGE A New Force in Agriculture x bet THES 1 The Harmsworth Brand. Ve do. do. Vi Mr. M : . ; : do. do. VII. eee an cy See meee arr se it ay wag eS 13 The Prospects of the Territorial Forces. By a a Pe oe on Territorial Officer ... a The Ref t By Joh Naval Expenditure in 1909. By the Rt. Hon. Papers ee at Organisation, rs ae" Lord Eversley _... Pe Es sy taps ie , Useless Naval Expenditure. By the Rt. Hon. The Harmsworth Brand. Lae ee el 567 Lord Eversley es eh a ae do. do. lie an ch EY do. do. TIT iB een DOG Will the Small ner Act Fail? By Charles do. do. PVE) ae bik wOTO Roden Buxton ; + ee OPEN QUESTIONS. PAGE Free Trade Betrayed. By Ernest Villiers, M.P. 307 The Problem of Rural deans, By Philip The Use of Public Libraries. By Dr. Ernest Baker 768 Morrell, M.P. ye a ae COMMUNICATIONS. PAGE Bad Harvests and Wao ee: By J. A. The Hyde Park Demonstration. By H. W.N.. Hobson.) «=: be soe MIU The Income-Tax. By George McCrae, M.P.

In the Women’s Ranks. By A Provincial Man 417

Mr. Gladstone’s New Way with Old Offenders.

By Tighe Hopkins ne if 673 Mr. McKenna’s Opportunity. By “One Who

Knows 7700... “ue see Pera The Control of the Upper Thames. By Philip

Morrell, M.P. 527 The Crisis in the Publishing Trade. By A Literary

Agent ; 345 The Cult of the Monster Warship. By “Admiral

Sir Cyprian A. G. Bridge re ss re 487

The Defects of the Housing Bill. By George Haw 155 The Dual Policy in India. By S. K. Ratcliffe ... 802

The International Peace Congress. Perris The Largest of Our National Estates. By Resident

By 'G. He

The Messages ’’ from Frederic Myers. By John W. Graham e. as The South American Naval Armaments. By One

Who Knows 7 The State of the Daily Press. By A Journalist . The Sum of British Wealth. eae A Fellow of the

Royal Statistical Society .. The Territorial Artillery.

Williams “There Is No Conqueror But God.”’

Cunninghame Graham

‘By E. Crawshay- By R. B.

Working Wives in Council. By Evelyn Sharp ...



An Epilogue to an Unfinished Drama. By Dr. Ed. Bernstein : A e ial oN

Austrian Policy in the Balkans. By Dr. Joseph Redlich i a ee aw 48

Is Constitutional Covernmentin Turkey Possible ?—I. By ett Pears ... 2 Se ty iwMeOGS Do. 900

Parties in the Prussian Elections. By Dr. Ed. Bernstein... ae Ny ee P a oe

The German War Peril. By Dr. Ed. Bernstein 449

The Character of the German Workers’ Insurance. By Dr. Ed. Bernstein...

The Merciful Tsar. By An Englishman i in Russia

The New Attitude of the United States to Canada. By Edward Porritt se

The Prussian Urwahlen.’ By Dr. Ed. Bernstein

The Stifling of Freedom. By Ixe ...

The Tactics of M. Clémenceau ...

The Two Heads of the Freisinn. Bernstein

The Zeppelin Movement and German Nationalism. By Dr. Ed. Bernstein

To-morrow in Portugal.

By Dr. i

By An Old Resident. ...

PAGE 701 734 769 377

308 801




PAGE 453 16

602 272


833 @ 638

312 224 (eg! 453


798 704

415 341 153 568


"736 14




“Fiscal Fallacies’? (F. U. Laycock and R. C. Phillimore) ; The Suffragists and the Peckham Election (A. J. Marriott and J. Marshall

a a

Sturge); Tariff Reform and Motor-Cars (“ Con- stant Reader’’); Irish Liberalism ee An Trish Nationalist ’’) )

Fiscal Fallacies’’ (J. A. H. and Frank pea

Tariff Reform and Motor-Cars (T. Palmer New- bould and G. G. Desmond) ; The Victory of Free Trade Finance’’ (“‘Cobdenite’’); The Simple Life ’’ (“ Home Counties ’’) ; Are Arma- ments Necessary? (Hugh Pennington) ; The De-

tection of Fire (Frank Rowley); Protection and Public Plunder (R. Shindler) ; Hamburg (D. M. Stevenson); Peckham and Mr. Stiggins (C. J. Back); Women and the Pest (“ A Woman Conservative’’ and E.P.) :

The Practical Reconstruction of Getta Life

Bill (J. W.

(Montague Fordham, M.A.) ; Fiscal Fallacies ”’ (R. C. Phillimore); Kangaroo Island (“ A Man of the Woods’’); The Justice of the Licensing F. Gillies, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.); The Problem of Medical Relief (G. C. C.); Hamburg (G. E. Harrison); Women Suffragists and the Government (J. M. Lloyd Thomas, Yet Another Woman Liberal,’’ and Jane Atkinson) ; The Use of the Lash (‘ A Liberal Member ’’ and Carl Heath) :

Martial Law in Natal eet Greenwood, bes,

The Crux ’’ in The Tempest’ (E. W. Lum- mis) ; The Garrotting Fallacy (‘‘Criminologist’’) ; “The Practical Reconstruction of Country Life’ (J. Frome Wilkinson); The Merchant of Venice’ at His Majesty’s Theatre (H.V.R.) ; Protection and Unemployment (Forrest Hewit) ; Women and the Suffrage (B. C. 8. and A. Kelly)

“C.-B.”’ and Church Patronage (the Rt. Hon.

George W. E. Russell); The New Policy of the Football Association (‘“ Footballer ’’) ; Women and the Suffrage (“ A Liberal Woman’”’ and J. S. F.); Armaments and Utility (A. Ry HA Shakespeare Memorial (‘‘ Observer’’); The Breaking Point’’ (C. Gasquoine Hartley); The Future of Poor-Law Administration AS E. Maurice) Ye.

The Imprisonment of Osman en (“ An Heypt:

The Sugar Convention (* Anti- Convention °

ian Correspondent ’’); Women and the Suffrage (Emma Hardy); Are Wild Animals Born Wild?’’ (G. G. Desmond); What a Colonist Thinks (Thomas Yorath); Beer and the Bible (‘A Manchester Man’’); Russian Horrors (P. M. G.); A Shakespeare Memorial (L. J. Roberts); The Research Defence Society (Dr. Greville MacDonald) ; The Groecon ini Lhe Tempest ’’ (Violet Churchill) ; The Sugar Con- vention (“ Spectator ’’); The Problem of Unem- ployment (Arthur Kitson) ; Peckham (the Hon. peed Lygon) ; The Explanation of the Licens-

ing Bill (J. A. See la rane Life ee Marshall Sturge) .

’); The Justice of the Licensing Bill (‘‘ Country Brewer ’’); The British Sunday and the Exhibi- tion (Yves Guyot) ; Life of Delane (Arthur Irwin Dasent) ; The Tradein Fiction (Clement Shorter) ; Pensions and the Sinking Fund (L. Chiozza Money, M.P. )3 The Dundee Election one Hubert Jones) ;


Experiments on Animals (Dr. Stephen Paget) ; The


Justice of the Licensing Bill (R. Mortimer Mont- gomery) ; The Educational Rapprochement (F. E. Pollard); The Sugar Convention and _ Italy (‘ Anti-Convention’’) ; Pensions and the Sinking Fund (T. A. Prest); The Riddle of the Bacchae (G. Norwood) ; What Does Votes for Women ’’ Mean? (A. Grimshaw Haywood) ; Bombs in India (A. St. John); The British Sunday and the Ex- hibition (Edward Brown) ; The Problem of Medi- cal Relief (G. C. C.) ts

The Justice of the Licensing Bill (Sir Thomas P.


Whittaker, M.P., Swanwick); Remitted (Austin Taylor, M.P.); “Simple Bible Teach- ing ”’ (the Rev. Th. Hill); The Riddle of the Bacchae ”’ (Professor A. W. Verrall); Experi- ments on Animals (Dr. Greville MacDonald) ; What Does ‘‘ Votes for Women ’’ Mean? (Nancy Lightman) ; The Russian Visit (R. B. Cunning- hame Graham); The Tolstoy Celebration: An Appeal (Edmund Gosse and Dr. C. Hagberg Wright) ; The Referendum (A. J. Marriott)

a Country Brewer,’ and J. A. to the Churches ”’

The Justice of the Licensing Bill (R. Mortimer

_— bo bo

Montgomery) ; Does the Sugar Convention Betray Free Trade? (“A Free Trader ’’); The Basis of Educational Peace (“ Cheshire Incumbent and the Rev. Arthur W. Hutton); The Pole Trap (Frank E. Lemon); Experiments on Animals (Dr. Stephen Paget); Dr. Verrall’s Euripidean Theory (Professor Gilbert Murray) ; The Founda- tion of par eatin (the Rev. Th. Hill); The URGi gio ‘The Tempest’’ (Pfarrer E. W. Lummis) ; “The Russian and Servian Cases (Sir Edmund Verney) ; To Restore Confidence (Edwin Hill); The Landless Men in the West (Captain Bryan Cooper); Simple Bible Teaching (X. 3 The Problem of Indian Self-Gover nment. (G. F Abbott); What Does ‘“ Votes for Women Mean? (Florence Travers); Human or Divine? (Ellen Tighe Hopkins)


Does the Sugar Convention Bettay Free ‘Trade!

(Ernest Villiers, M.P.); The Problem of Rural Housing (Philip Morrell, M.P.); Experiments on Animals (Dr. Greville MacDonald) ; Votes for Women (A. Grimshaw Haywood, Clementina Black, and Emily Tomlinson) ; ‘“‘ The Peril of the

Government ”’ (R. Henderson Smith); The Meaning of Bande Mataram’’ (J. D. Rees, M.P.); Jesuits as Murderers (Aw Cabnouc

Reader of Tuz Nation ’’); Political and Theo- logical Liberalism (C. HE. Maurice); Liberal Adullamites (the Rev. Malcolm MacCallum) ; Trade Returns for May (W. T.); The Gathering of Wild Flowers and Fruit (S.); The Defence of the Licensing Bill (Lieut-Col. D. C. Pedder) .

The Basis of the Triple Entente (“ An Englishman



in France’’); The Anti-Indian Englishman rf (J. D. Rees, M.P.); The Meaning of ‘“ Bande Mataram ”’ (“The Reviewer’’ and A. Porteous) ; The Lost Liberty of the Road ’’ (A. Shadwell) ; - An Invasion of Liberty ’’ (“ A London Clergy- man ’’); Does the Sugar Convention Betray Free Trade? (James Roberts) ; What Does Votes for Women’’ Mean? (Florence Travers and N. Lightman); The Trade Returns (W. T.); The Pan-Anglican Congress and Divorce (Richard T. Gates) ; “The “Crux”? of “The Tempest ”’ (V. Churchill) ; “The History of the Volunteers ”’

(Major Cecil Sebag-Montefiore) . id,








The Pan-Anglican Congress and Divorce (the Rt. Hon. G. W. E. Russell) ; Why Pudsey Was Lost (“A Liberal Worker ’’); The Lost Liberty of the Road’’ (Earl Russell) ; Liberalism and Prison Reform (John M. Robertson, M.P.); Natives in the Indian Civil Service (G. F. Abbott); The Rating of Public Houses (the Hon. A. Holland- Hibbert); What Does Votes for Women’’ Mean ? (J. Abberley and (Mrs.) C. D. Rackham) ; “A Distant Drum ”’ (Laurie Magnus) ; The Pan- Anglican Congress (G. H. Godwin); The Prob- lem of Medical Relief (Francis Buxton); The Policeman’s Mtge mek of Rest (J. Fletcher Little) * :

Votes for Women (R. N. H., Frank ‘Hoel and “A Radical Ex-Soldier ’’); The Meaning of Bande Mataram’’ (J. D. Rees, M.P., and 8. M. Mitra) ; “The Lost Liberty of the Road’’ (Peter Mac- donald, H. E. Gribble, Stuart J. Reid, D.C.L., J.P., and Viator’’) ; “An Invasion of Liberty ’’

(A London Cae 3 ; ‘A Distant Drum ”’ (‘The Writer’’) . ,

“The Lost Liberty of the Road’’ (‘ The Writer of the Article,’ “A Country Dweller,’ G.M.M., and Henry W. Beater); The Anglican Church and Marriage (Richard T. Gates); Is the Drama Dying? (Euphemia Stevens) ; Over-Delicacy of Speech ’’ (B.); The Prevention of Crime Bill (Hf. 8. Salt); What Does Votes for Women ”’ Mean ? (“ Manchester School,’’ Emily Tomlinson, A.Z., and T. Wilson) ; Association of Subscribers to Charities (Lord Avebury) ;

Reform of the Upper Thames Conser- vancy (C. H. Cook); “The Lost Liberty of the Road’’ (Peter Macdonald and Charles Robertson); ‘The Tyranny of London’’ (Philip J. Dear); Is the Drama Dying? (William Poel, K. S., and Ella Levy); The King and Foreign Policy (Julie Jephson); The Inde- terminate Sentence (fhe Rev. W. D. Morrison) ; The Future of the Police (J. Fletcher Little) ; Suffragette ’’ History (W. A. J olly) 5 The Out- look for English Fiction (8.)_...

“Wanted—A New Scheme of Culture’’ (A. E. Z.); The Working of the Small Holdings Act (Alfred Rowntree); Suffragists and the Temperance Cause (Kate A. Hessel) ; The Indeterminate Sen- tence (Arthur St. John and B. L.); The New Spirit in Turkey (T. Palmer N ewbould) ; “Ts the Drama Dying? ’’ (L. R. and Euphemia Stevens) ; Goethe’s 78th Venetian Epigram (David Wilson) ;

“The Lost Liberty of the Road’’ (R. W. J.,

Henry Holiday, and 8. D. W.); The Court of Criminal Appeal (‘‘ A Criminal Lawyer ’’); The Licensing Bill and Temperance (J. W. Wilson) ; Politics in a Hurry (Edwin Hill) ; Imperial Poli- tics of Municipal Elections (Albert Raphael) ..

“Wanted—A New Scheme of Culture’’ (Cloudesley Brereton); The Indeterminate Sentence (The Rev. W. D. Morrison and Henry W. Nevinson) ; Mrs. Humphry Ward’s Battalions (Mrs. Thomas Hardy); “The New Spirit in Turkey’’ (T. Palmer Newbould) ; The Art of Opening ’’ (R. Mudie-Smith); A Seaside Hotel for Working People (Lily H. Montague); Lord Cromer’s Speech (The Rev. W. Copeland Bowie); ‘“ The _ Lost Liberty of the Road’’ (G. Cook, Geo.







A South American Ruler

‘The Lost Liberty of the Road ’’

Kdgar, J. E. Allan, and Henry S. Clough); Germany and England (Arnold Lupton, M.P.) ; Do We Overeat? (R. W. J.); Coastguard Ser- vice (Charles Sturge)

(George Cal- deron, R. W. J., and S. D. W.); The German Gymnastic Fétes (“‘ Observer ’’); Mrs. Humphry Ward’s Battalions (Mrs. Florence Travers) ; An- other Marathon Race’’ (Andre de Bavier) ; Haggerston and After (F. W. gine The Tempest ’’ Crux (N. W. Hill) me

“The Lost Liberty of the Road ’’ (‘ Cassandra,’’

L. Marshall, Henry S. Clough, J. Colquhoun Reade, and S. Hine); The Art of Opening (the Right Hon. Robert Farquharson); Liberalism and Labor (Arthur Ponsonby, M.P.) ; Heaven as Town or Country (A. Clutton Brock); Some Fruits of the Free Trade Congress (Charles Hancock) ; The Indeterminate Sentence (Captain Arthur St. John); The Dilemma of a Liberal

Lawyer (“ Ignoramus ”) 5 Similes el Parnell °


The Lost Liberty of the Road (Sir Edmund

Verney, Henry Broadhurst, A. M. Anderson, J. H. Chatterton, E. B. M., A. J. Marriott, i Fairplay,’ ahs Gretlkd « WB Francis Coutts, and Cyclist ’’) ; Haggerston and After (F. W. Soutter) ; 4 Propos de Bottes (Thomas Seccombe) ; Nursing the Voters (Edwin Hill); The Dilemma of a Liberal Solicitor (“ Another Liberal ’’ and “Teetotal Solicitor’’); “A Green Heaven ’’ (Richard F. Jupp); The Work of the Industrial Law Committee (Irene Cox); Liberalism and Labor (The Rev. J. E. Hand) ; The Art of End- ing (Max Judas); ‘James II.’s Statue uf Anti- quarian’’) .

The Lost Liberty of the Road (Douglas Fox Pitt,

Charles Hamfeldt, James Tinto, Henry Holi- day, W. G. Wickham, “A Lawyer,” W. Austen Bolam, New Forest,’’ J. C. Paget, and Pro Bono Publico ’); “A Crisis in Coffee ’’ (Chas. Evers) ; A Propos de Bottes’’ (G. W. E. R.); “A Green Heaven’’ (Sir Samuel Wilks and “The Writer of the Article ’’); Heaven as Seen by Children (John Higgins) ; Emden and Anglo- German Relations (Arnold bike: The Dilemma of a Liberal Lawyer (C.) ..

The Lost Liberty of the Road (H. F. H.); The

New Daily Press (P. J. Reid); Concerning the “Imitation of Whitman’? (Henry Bryan Binns); Ideas of Heaven and Happiness (W. J. B.); A Green Heaven (J. M. Lloyd- Thomas) ; A Propos de Bottes (G. W. E. R.); “The Dark Side ’’ (Lawrence Richardson) ; The Date of George Fox’s Death (A. Neave Bray- shaw); The Maintenance of Dreadnoughts ”’ (G.) ; Officialism in the Channel Islands 2 Tax-

payer ’’)

(the Consul for Vene- zuela); Taine’s Letters (Frederic Harrison) ; “The Lost Liberty of the Road’’ (John W. Graham, ‘“ Active Resister,’’ Sir Jas. B. Smith, and H. Reynolds Brown, M.D.) ; Women Munici- pal Voters (J. Smith); England and Germany (A. Clutton Brock); Miss Beale and Women’s Suffrage (Mrs. C. D. Rackham) .. ,





Serhan at ee a Ee Seen

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A Protest (J. L. Balbi) ; The Lost Liberty of the Road’’ (T. Wilson, Thomas Howard, Alfred Ollivant, and J. Leng Sturrock); The Cause of Unemployment (J. J. Bisgood); The Trades Union Congress and Electoral Reform (John H. Humphreys); Catholics and Liberalism ads Knight of St. Gregory ’’ and W. P. ); Moder- ate and Extremist in India’’ (V. Chattopad- hyaya); Moral Education Congress (St. G. L. Fox Pitt) ; ; “The Dilemma of a Liberal esha

(“ Ignoramus ’’) 868

DIARY OF THE WEEK. 1, 33, 69, 105, 141, 173, 209,257, 293, 329, 365, 401, 437, 473, 511, 555, 587, 623, 659, 691, 723, 755, 787, 819, 851, 887.


28, 64, 100, 136, 168, 204, 236, 288, 324, 360, 396, 432, 468, 504, 550, 582, 618, 654, 686, 718, 750, 782, 814, 846, 882, 922.

The Lost Liberty of the Road (“A.,’’ Balak,’’ John Grubb, Sir Edmund Verney, John Higgins, and T. Wilson); Don Porfirio (R. B. Cunning- hame Graham); Peru’’ (C. Reginald Enoch, F.R.G.S.); Can Morals be Taught? (F. Kettle) ; “The Doctrine of Tolerance’’ (“A Liberal Mir Wa de eee NV 5 Francis, Walter Philip High, and M. L.); The Messages’’ from Frederick Myers (G. Stafford Ronan Lis German Foreign Policy (J. H.) .





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459, 532, 574, 608, 644, 677, 807, 838, 873, 908.

Insurance.—Theatre Risks ...


A Boy’s Heart. By C. H. Bewley... 272 Starlight Distilleth. By Herbert Trench ... A Chancery Ward. By Valentine Barlow 53 A Connacht Folk Song. By Padraic Colum 193 A Dream. By W. B. Yeats oa 525 A Somerset Lullaby. By Edward S. Tylee 742 A Song. By Herbert Trench 223 A Song of Semiramis. By Ethel Talbot ... 494 At Nightfall. By. R. C. K. Ensor 315 Be Not Afraid. By Herbert Trench 607 Companionship. By R. M.. 526 Hoodwinked. By Wilfrid C. Thorley 573 In the Pine Wood. By J. W. Feaver 423 Joy and Pleasure. By W. H. Davies ; 676 Light 0’ the Moon. By Edward §. Tylee ... 872 Love’s Birth. By William H. Davies 526 Nature’s Moods. By William H. Davies . 159 On Your Account I Shall Not Die. ite Padraic

Colum 776

Starlight on the Hill. Sonnet, from Pushkin.

By W. K. Fleming By C. Garnett ...

Sonnet—To an are Room. Byars Marjoram

The Dreamers Know. By the Rev. Wilfrid Rich- mond

The Forsaken Room. "By Ag. “Marjoram The Gad-Fly. By Padraic Colum ... The Gypsies’ Road. By Dora

shorter es ¥ bo ry The Interval. By Herbert Trench fs The Moor Grave. By John Galsworthy ... The Old School. By Thomas Burke ; The Pauper. By Dora Sigerson Shorter ... The Pine by the Lake. By Edward S. ae The Ship Siren. Anon. _... »: Thoughts. By William Watson

Sig verson


PAGE Abbeys of Great Britain, The. By H. Claiborne

Dixon a we oa ee Tey cant ... 466 Absolution. By Clara Viebig ... : ... 426 A Century of Political Rare pment: By Hector

Macpherson 60 Adam Cast Forth. By Charles M. Doughty a 90 A Dictionary of Christ and the poreae Edited

by Jas. Hastings, D.D. ... 745 Admiralty of the Atlantic, The. By Percival

Hislam ey 98 African Nature, Notes, arid Reminiscences: By

F. C. Selous, F.Z.S. Dy, 610 Age of Shakespeare, The. By Algernon | Charles

Swinburne (Professor Edward Dowden) .. 7009

from the By Cecil

A History of the Volunteer Forces, Earliest Times to the Year 1860. Sebag-Montefiore ...

A Man of Genius. By M. P. Ww ellgocks ve

American Shrines in England. By Alfred T. Brace

A Mind that Found Itself. By C. W. Beers

A Modern Judas and Other ieee By E. Vincent

An Apostle of the Norte ay H. fy Cody

Ancient Art. Vol. I of a History of Art. By Dr. G. Carotti ...

Ancient Italy. From the Italian of f Signor Ettore Pais ... =




REVIEWS OF BOOKS (continued),

Anglican Liberalism. By Twelve Churchmen (Canon Hensley Henson) ... a ae or An Introductory History of England. By C. R. L. Fletcher. Vol. II. 1485-1660 ... sc he 3 Anne Page. By Netta Syrett ae *h A Painter’s Pastime. By Margaret Thomas Armadin: A Tale of Old Winchester. By Alfred Bowker S ies ee er ve oe Art and Artless. By W. D. Howells x a Art of Singing and Vocal Declamation, The. By Sir Charles Santley ce ie a he A Set of Six. By Joseph Conrad ... Ashes. By Grazia Deledda... SEE a a Aspects of George Meredith. By Richard H. P. Curle sea Sa oe ne a8 ve A Star of the Salons: Julie de Lespinasse. By Camilla Jebb “a oe Astronomy of the Bible, The. Maunder >t ee ae fe A Surburban Scandal. By Gurner Gillmann A Tangled Web. By L. G. Moberley ae Autobiography of Montagu Burrows, Captain R.N. A Woman’s Way Through Unknown Labrador. By Mrs. Leonidas Hubbard, Jun. ee oe

By E. Walter

Babees Book, The. By Miss Edith Rickert Ballad of a Great City and Other Poems. By David Lowe By Bo eS be ae Ballads and Lyrics of Socialism. By E. Nesbit... Beau Brummell and His Times. By Roger Boutet de Monvel oS Ase : ag Ate Beaux of the Regency, The. By Lewis Melville... Beloved Physician of Tsang Chou: Dr. Arthur Per ell eae ye 2: ie Bs sah Birds and Their Nests and Eggs. By G. H. Vos Bishop’s Scapegoat, The. By T. B. Clegg ... sts Bonaparte and the Consulate. By A. C. Thibau- deau sie ae a es ee fas Bonapartism. Six Lectures delivered in the Uni- versity of London. By H. A. L. Fisher Bond, The. By Neith Boyce oA ee Bridge of Fire, The. By James Flecker . ste British Year Book of Agriculture and Who’s Who. Budget of Novels, A. (Various) ... bak ie Builders of Florence, The. By J. Wood Brown, Burden, The. By Anna Scott-Dawson ... Burning Cresset, The. By Howard Pease By Italian Seas. By Ernest C. Peixotto...

Cambridge History of English Literature, The. Edited by A. W. Ward, the Master of Peter- house, and A. R. Waller. Vol. I. From the Beginning to the Cyclesof Romance... bee

Castles and Keeps of Scotland, The. By Frank Roy Frapie coe ie ob #0 ee a

Catherine of Braganga, Infanta of Portugal and Queen-Consort of England. By Lillias C. Davidson ... e at i + bok

Captain Margaret: A Romance. By John Mase- field Tae sed sks ah AY. Lg

Cane Boy, The. By Margaret A. McIntyre

Centuries of Meditations. By Thomas Traherne. Edited by Bertram Dobell x eh AeA

Century of Education, A. By H. Bryan Binns

Chats on Violincellos. By Olga Racster ... aie

Claude Achille Debussy. By Mrs. Franz Liebich

Complete Oarsman, The. By R. C. Lehmann ...

Complete Shot, The. By G. T. Teasdale-Buckell

Concerning Lafcadio Hearn. By George M. Gould, M.D. Se <7 BAS es


Confessions of a Beachcomber. By E. J. Banfield Colonel Saunderson, M.P. By Reginald Lucas ... Cradle of the Deep: An Account of a Voyage to the. West Indies. The. By Sir Frederick Treves, Bart. a he ee as ifs $i, Crossrigs. By Mary Jane Findlater

Dan Riach, Socialist. Molivg9 ere. ae er s Dartmoor Prison. By Basil Thomson _... ri Dawn of the Constitution, The. By Sir James H. Ramsay... me ane Rt: a ae Dominy’s Dollars. By B. Paul Neumann nee Dorothea Beale of Cheltenham. By Elizabeth Raikes oe es YA ih, aS He Dual Heritage, The. By M. Godfrey-Faussett ... Duanaire Finn, the Book of the Lays of Fionn. Part 1. Edited by Eoin MacNeill i

By the Author of ‘“ Miss

Easter Eggs. von Schmid ca oe a ai ae