Anierican personal author entries now appear in the evel» aE CoM lel Me\/Coveltslh mm@retiel (oreo ettebelteveM siisM iim lorelilo ag 1963 issue. First author mentioned is used for joint author publications.

We hope this addition, which is undertaken on an exper-

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For sale by Office of Technical Ser

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Dist ibution made D\ Issuing mce.


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Printed tor Official Use

(not available for distribution)

Sent to Depository) Libraries

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FEBRUARY 1963 Number 817

Entries 1612-3409 with APPENDIX

4 Directory of United States Government Periodicals and Subscription Publications

Entries 3410-4321



L.C. Card 4-18088





The following publications are in the process of being printed. Advance sales orders may be placed for these publications. Orders will be scheduled and copies mailed as soon as stocks are received. It is not possible to estimate the lapse of time before the publications will actually appear. All information in regard to title, series, classification, distribution, and price given in these listings is preliminary and subject to change when the publications actually come from the press. Those so marked will be sent to depository libraries providing, that at the time of going to press, the libraries were on list to receive the items under which these publications will be distributed.

Accident bulletin 130, summary and analysis of accidents on railroads in United States, subject to Interstate Commerce Act, calendar year 1961. (In- terstate Commerce Commission.) $1.00. @ IC 1 acci.3 : 130

Air Force register, 1963, vol. 1, Active lists. (Air Force Department.) [Also issued as H. doc. 38, pt. 1, 88th Cong., Ist sess.] $5.00. @ D 303.7: 963/v.1

American practical navigator. (Naval Oceanographic Office, H.O. publication no. 9, revised 1962.) $7.00. @ D 203.22 : 9/962

Annual report of Area Redevelopment Administration, 1962. 40c. @ C 46.1: 962 Annual report of Federal Trade Commission, 1962. [Also issued as H. doc. 7,

88th Cong., Ist sess.] 45c. ©@ FT 1.1: 962 Bedding products and components. (Business and Defense Services Adminis- tration, Simplified practice recommendation R 2-62.) 15c. @ ©41.20: 2-62

Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area. [Revised 1963.] (Na- tional Park Service.) 10c. @ I 29.39: C 17/963

Career opportunities for veterinarians in Agricultural Research Service. (Agri- culture Department, Miscellaneous publication 727, revised.) lic. ©

A 1.38: 727/4 Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, Florida. [Revised 1962.] (Na- tional Park Service.) 5c. @ I 29.21: C 27/962

Commercial production of tomatoes. (Agriculture Department, Farmers’ bul letin 2045, revised.) 25c. @ A 1.9: 2045/3

Congressional directory, pocket edition, 88th Congress, Jan. 1963. $1.75 @ Y 4.P 93/1: 1 p/88

Creative life for your child. (Children’s Bureau, Headliner series no. 1.)

soc. ©@ FS 3.224: 1 Electrostatic separation of granular materials. (Mines Bureau, Bulletin 603.) j5e. @ I 28.3 : 6038 Federal jobs overseas. (Civil Service Commission, Pamphlet 29, revised.) l0c. ©@ CS 1.48 : 29/17

General hospital planning and design, selected references. (Public Health Serv- ice, Publication 930—G-—6, Hospital and medical facilities series (under Hill-

surton program), Category G, Bibliography.) 20c. © FS 2.74/3 : G-6 Growing flowering dogwood. (Agriculture Department, Home and garden bul- letin 88.) Se ©@ A 1.77: 88 Growing pumpkins and squashes. (Agriculture Department, Farmers’ bulletin 2086, revised.) 15¢c. ©@ A 1.9: 2086/3 Highway progress, annual report of Bureau of Public Roads, fiscal year 1962. 35¢c. ©@ C 37.1: 962



Industrial security manual for safeguarding classified information. [Revised

Dec. 31, 1962.] (Defense Department.) 65c. ©@ D 3.6/3 : Se 2/962 Internal medicine in World War II, vol. 2, Infectious diseases. (Army Medica! Service.) $6.75. @ D 104.11: In 8/v.: Job guide for young workers. [1963-64 edition.] (Employment Security Bu reau.) 45¢c. © L 7.25/2 : 963-64

Know your soil. (Agriculture Department, Agriculture information bulletin 267.) 15. © A 1.75 : 267 Library statistics of colleges and universities, 1959-60, part 2, Analytic report. (Education Office, OF—15031-—60, Circular 693.) 40c. © FS 5.215: 15031-60 Miners International Federation, an international labor study. (Internationa! Labor Affairs Office.) 60c. ©@ L 29.8: M 66

Plumbing cross connections, public health significance and control, manual of recommended practice. (Public Health Service, Publication 957. 40c. @ FS 2.6/2: P 73

Prices, chartbook, 1953-62. (Labor Statistics Bureau, Bulletin 1351.) [Also

issued as H. doc. 614, 87th Cong., 2d sess.] $1.50. © L, 2.3: 1351 Rules of practice in economic proceedings, effective Dec..19, 1962. (Civil Aero nautics Board, Procedural regulations, part 302.) l15¢c. © C 31.224 : 302/3 Space communications. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration.) lic. @ NAS 1.2: S8p1/1! Suggested techniques for determining courses of study. (Education Office, OK-80018, Circular 694.) 25c. ©@ E'S 5.280: SOO18 Summer employment in Federal agencies. (Civil Service Commission, Pam phiet 45, revised.) 15¢c. @ CS 1.48: 45/10 Supervision for quality education in science. (Education Office, OE-29043.) 25c. ©@ FS 5.229 : 29048 Survey of university business and economic research projects, 1959-63. (Small Business Administration.) $3.75. ©@ SBA 1.2: R 31/959-63

Trade expansion act of 1962. (State Department, Publication 7467, Commercial policy series 196.) 15¢c. ©@ S 1.37: 196

ed 162


tin 6 rt. 60

a! 66


no Abbreviations, Explanation.___--~- General Information.__._._.______~ How To Order Publications.________ Corrections for Previous Monthly

I ie ii on tes. ie Bins Classified List of Government Au-

ee ern apne

Directory of United States Govern- ment Periodicals and Subscription Publications

Page Ii VI VII Vill IX XI




addition, addendum, ad n.d no date. dqdenda n. p no place, amdt., amdts_- amendment, amend no., DOS number, numbers. ments p page, pages app appendix, appendixes p. of pl pages of plate bk., bks book, books par., pars paragraph, paragraphs chap chapter, chapters | pl. plate, plates Cong Congress por portrait, portraits Dept Department pt., pts part, parts, do« document rp : report 8 octavo S Senate, Senate bill f folio S. Con. Re Senate concurrent re facsim facsimile, facsimiles lution } quarto S. doc Senate document G.H.A Greenwich hour angle S. ex. doc Senate executive doc H House ment H. Con. Res House concurrent reso- | S. ex. rp Senate executive repo lution S. J. Res Senate joint resolution H. doc House document S. Res Senate resolution H. ex. doe House executive doc S.rp Senate report ment see . section, sections H. J. Res House joint resolution | S@S8___ session, sessions H.R House f Representa 16 sixteenmo tives, House bill. | Stat. L Statutes at large H. Res House resolution supp supplement H. rp House report tab table, tables il illustration, illustra- | 32° thirty-twomo tions Treas Treasury. in inch, inches 12°. ._twelvemo lat latitude 24° twenty-fourmo long longitude. :v. volume, volumes m mile. | v8.,1 versus MRC Mississippi River Com- mission Common abbreviations for the names of States, months, etc., are also used


The individual issuing department, bureau, office, or agency is considered the publisher of Government publications.

Words and figures enclosed in brackets [ ] are given for information, but do not appear on the title pages of the publications cataloged. Place and printer are not given for publications printed at the United States Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. Size is not given for octavo publications. Size of maps is approximate, measurement being made from outer edge of border, excluding margin. The dates given with Senate and House documents and reports are the dates on which they were ordered to be printed. Usually the printing promptly follows the ordering, but various causes sometimes make delays.

The word “processed” as used in this catalog indicates publications which are reproduced by duplicating processes other than ordinary printing, e.g., mimeo- graph, multigraph, planograph, rotaprint, multilith. Processed publications are not obtainable from the Superintendent of Documents. Requests for them, if they are available, should be addressed to the issuing office or to the Office of Technical Services, as indicated by the distribution symbol.

Under provisions of the Printing Act of January 12, 1895, all Government publi cations are entered in the Monthly Catalog. However, administrative and confi- dential (or restricted) publications are omitted.

The L.C. card number appended to some of the entries is for those libraries ordering printed cards from the Library of Congress. The number at the extreme right of an entry indicates the classification of the publication in the Office of the Superintendent of Documents.


aW o




General Information

The Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., is authorized by law to sell copies of Government publications and to allow

a discount of 25 percent to book dealers and also to quantity purchasers of 100

or more copies of a single publication on condition that they will adhere to the publie sales price set by the Superintendent of Documents and that publications shall not be overprinted with any advertising matter.

Publications cannot be supplied free to individuals nor forwarded in advance

of payment.


There is no general price list of public documents, but numerous lists have been prepared on special subjects and any of these will be furnished free, on application, by subject or subjects concerning which information is desired. It will also be noted that current publications which are for sale are listed in this catalog.


In addition to the price lists, the Documents Office issues a biweekly list of Selected United States Government publications for sale by the Superintendent of Documents. Each list is arranged alphabetically by subjects, with annota tions and prices, and may be obtained free upon application to the Superintendent of Documents.


More than 12,000 different bills are usually introduced during a Congress, and there are additional prints on many during the progress of the legislation. With the exception of a very few—such as revenue bills—the demand is an unknown quantity and on most of them we receive no orders, which makes it impossible to print a sales supply. It may be that a copy could be obtained from your Congressman.

A difficult problem is also presented in providing a supply of congressional documents, hearings, and reports because there are approximately 6,000 of this class of publications issued during a Congress and only a few of them are called for. We will attempt to print for sale a few of the more important ones, but if

not priced the only possible source would be from your Congressman



Publications entered in this catalog that are for sale by the Superintendent of Documents are indicated by an asterisk (*) preceding the price. Those for sale by the Office of Technical Services, Commerce Department, are indicated by a farad (b) preceding the price. A black dot (@) indicates that the publication has bee: or will be sent to depository libraries. A dagger (+) indicates that applicatio: should be made to the department, bureau, or agency issuing the document. A double dagger (i) indicates that the document is printed for official use and i not obtainable. Whenever additional information concerning the method o procuring a document seems necessary, it will be found under the name of, th bureau by which it was published.

In ordering a publication from the Superintendent of Documents, give (i! known) the name of the publishing department, bureau, or agency, and the title together with the classification number which is added to the entry at the extrem: right; order the congressional documents and reports by the title, together wit! the document or report number and the Congress, e.g., H. doc. 108, 82d Congres

Do not use the L.C. card number in ordering a publication from the Superi: tendent of Documents.


Remittances for documents marked with an asterisk (*) should be made to ft! Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington D.C., by coupon, postal money order, express order, or check. Publications can not be mailed in advance of receipt of remittance. Currency may be sent sender's risk. loreign remittances should be made either by international mone) order or draft on an American bank.

Foreign money, defaced or smooth coins, will not be accepted. Do not postage stamps.

For the convenience of the general public, coupons in the denomination of 5: that are good until used in exchange for Government publications sold by the Superintendent of Documents, may be purchased from this office. Address order to Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D.C.

Persons who make frequent purchases from the Superintendent of Document may find a deposit account convenient. Deposits of $25.00 or more are accepte: against which orders may be placed without making individual remittances o1 first obtaining quotations. Order blanks are furnished for this purpose. After the handling of the order has been completed, it will be returned showing the publications supplied, explanations regarding those not sent, the amount of charge, and the balance on deposit.

No charge is made for postage on documents forwarded to points in United States and possessions, or to Canada, Cuba, Mexico, and certain Central and South American countries. To other countries the regular rate of postage is charged, and remittances must cover such postage. In computing foreign post age, add one-fourth of the price of the publication.


The classification given at the right of entries for departmental publications is that used in the Library of the Division of Public Documents. It is also used as a catalog number for sales stock of this office. The shilling mark (/) separates what would ordinarily be superior or inferior numbers or letters, as it is not practicable to print these numbers or letters as superiors or inferiors in the Monthly Catalog.


ol er




New Classification Numbers

Agriculture Department. i CCC monthly sales list. Foreign Agricultural Service.

A 67.7/2: v.nos.& nos__....._. Foreign agriculture, including Foreign crops

and markets (weekly). Note.—Combines Foreign agriculture (A 67.7 :) and Foreign crops and markets (A 67.8:). Agricultural Research Service.

A 77.233/2 : date__- ouien Annual report of cooperative State-Federal

es Py ~

sheep scabies eradication activities Note.—See, for earlier class, A 77.233: (date).

eS | ne Annual report of cooperative psoroptic cattle

scabies eradication activities. Notge.—See, for earlier class, A 77.233: (date).

\ 77.234 : -236: Reserved A TRG 7 Ig <cichireceitianbenastd Report of cooperative cattle fever tick eradi cation activities, fiscal year. Bek £. :, Se =e Maps [concerning animal industry]. Agricultural Marketing Service. PY |, Handbooks, manuals, guides. Statistical Reporting Service. PRR ee eee Rice stocks, rough and milled. Note.—See, for earlier class, A 88.18/17: (date). Designated GrLg 11-3. 92.18/10: date siediiiadaabaie Western range and livestock report. Note.—Designated MtAn 2-3 I 2 CIE ccneveuvesvemuncounc Bese 9 Wheat pasture report (monthly). Nore.—Designated MtAn 2-5. ro 8 ee eee ee SRS (series). Economic Research Service. R fo fe gl ees Foreign agricultural trade of United States (monthly). Nore.—Incorporates now discontinued Foreign agricultural trade digest of United States (A 93.17 2:) and Foreign agricultural trade of United States, statistical reports (A 93.17 :) re ff Lt, Foreign agricultural trade of United States


3.17/8: date__- aa Foreign agricultural trade of United States, annual supplement, trade by commodities, fiscal year.

4 93.26/a: CT ‘i : Agricultural economics research (separates).

Census Bureau. 215/9 : nos_-_ : vie Construction reports: Housing sales, prelim- inary report, C25—(series). Note.—Released jointly by Census Bureau and Housing and Home Finance Agency.

C 3.224/9: date/v.nos___- _. Census of housing: Final volumes. National Bureau of Standards. 13.22/sec.Da : CT...-- aun Journal of research, sec. D (separates)

International Commerce Bureau

‘42.19: Reserved

C 42.20; nos....-.- Overseas business reports. NoTe.—Replaces World trade information sery ice, C 49.8/1: to C 49.8/3:. C 42.21: date__ ee Export licenses approved and reexportations I

authorized (daily except Saturdays, Sun- days, and holidays). Nore.—See, for earlier clase, C 49.209: (date).



C 46.17: CT--.

D 1.3:

‘2: v.nos.& nos

D 13.8/6: nos__-_-

D 101.22/3: nos ea D 101.61: date. : . D 103.33/7 : nos

D 217.4/2: nos_ Sa D 217.22/2: nos_.

D 301.45/29 : nos D 301.45/29-2 : CT___--_- »

D 301.45/30: Reserved D 301.45/30-2 : nos_-

D 301.45/31: nos___-

D 301.45/31-2: nos aii 5

FAA 1.41/2: v.nos.& nos

FAA 1.42: date

FMC 1.7: nos- z FS 5.72: date .

HH 7.15: date

eo ve ty See

I 28.50/3 : date__--

I 28.101/2: date__

1 49.36/2: nos_- bia : I 62.9: date_

IC 1 mot.13/2: date

L 16.43/38 : date_-

RT ee a NS 1.25: nos_- NA


Area Redevelopment Administration. Maps and charts. Defense Department. CD newspictures. Novre.—See, for earlier class, Pr 34.760: (v.nos & nos.). Civil Defense Office. Professional guide PSD—PG (series). Note.—lIssued by Protective Structures Division. Army Department. Army Materiel Command, AMC pamphlets. Official bulletins, national trophy matches. Engineers Corps. Cold regions science and engineering. Naval Weapons Bureau. Engineering circulars. Naval Ordnance Laboratory, White Oak, Md. News for release. Air Force Department. Air Force Systems Command, Andrews Air Force Base: Press releases. Air Force Systems Command, Andrews Air Force Base: Addresses.

Arctic Aeromedical Laboratory: Technical doc- umentary report AAL-TDR (series). Air Force Flight Test Center: AFFTC techni- cal reports. Air Force Flight Test Center: Technical doc umentary report /'TC-TDR series. Federal Aviation Agency. FAA aviation news (monthly).

Note.— Continuation of Aviation news, FAA 1.41: (v.nos.& nos.).

Aviation forecasts, fiscal years. Federal Maritime Commission.

News releases, NR (series). Education Office.

Business and public administration notes. Urban Renewal Administration.

Listing of land in urban renewal project areas available for private redevelopment (semi- annual).

Geological Survey.

Storage in major power reservoirs in Columbia River basin (monthly).

NotTe.—Includes material formerly in separate classes (I 19.45: and 1 19.47:). Mines Bureau.

Distribution of Pennsylvania anthracite for coal year.

Magnesium (annual).

Fish and Wildlife Service.

Conservation notes,

Oil Import Appeals Board.


Interstate Commerce Commission.

Selected revenues, expenses, other income, and statistics of class 2 motor carriers of prop- erty, Statement Q-850X (quarterly).

Labor Standards Bureau.

President’s Committee on Migratory Labor: Press releases.

National Science Foundation.

Institutional grants for science.

International science reports.

A |



loc- ni-


AS ni-




nd »p-


Fesrvary 1963 XI

Post Office Department.

P 1.29/3 : nos_ bs " Philatelic releases. Emergency Planning Office. PrEx 4.7 : nos__- Press releases. Renegotiation Board. RnB 1.5: CT ne Laws. State Department. fe: ff ee Acquisitions list of Antarctic cartographic materials. International Development Agency. 8228.11 : nes...... AID-financed awards. Notg.—See, for earlier class, S 17.26: (nos.). $ 18.26: date__ Quarterly report of all investment guaranties issued. S 18.26/2: date- ancihainis Sine Quarterly report of applications in process. Peace Corps. _} Leg rs : nace Press releases. S$ 19.9/2: v.nos.& nos__.__- Peace Corps news, special college supplement. $ 19.11/2: v.nos.& nos___---- Peace Corps volunteer (monthly). National Cultural Center. SI 10.7: date Press releases.

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Re- lations. Y 3.Ad 9/8 : 7/date- Press releases.

Discontinued Series

Foreign Agricultural Service. A 67.7: v.nos.& nos_ Foreign agriculture (monthly). NotTe.—-Discontinued as a monthly publication with v. 26, no. 12, Dee. 1962 Combined with Foreign crops and markets, and issued weekly beginning Jan. 7, 1965 A 67.8: v.nos.& nos Foreign crops and markets (weekly). NOTE.—Discontinued as a separate publication with v. 85, no. 26, Dec. 24, 1962 Incorporated in Foreign agriculture (weekly) beginning Jan. 7,

1963. Economic Research Service A 93.17 : date Foreign agricultural trade of United States, statistical report (monthly). NOTE Discontinued with Mar. 1962 issue In

corporated in Foreign agricultural trade of United

States, A 93.17/7: (date).

A 93.17/2: date Foreign agricultural trade of United States, digest (monthly). Notre.—Discontinued with Mar.—-May 1962 issue

Incorporated in Foreign agricultural trade of

United States, A 93.17/7 : (date). National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

NAS 1.9: nos Technical publications announcements NoTEe.—Discontinued with no. 70 of Apr. 26 1962 Peace Corps. S 19.9: v.nos.& nos Peace Corps news (irregular). NOTE.——Merged into Peace Corps volunteer, be-

ginning Nov. 1962. Corrections for Previous Monthly Catalogs

Mar. 1957. Entry 4429, Political status of women in other American Republics, Sept. 1956, notes for reference. Correct class to read L 13.2: P 75/2.

June 1958. Entry 7705, Political status of women in other American Republics, Feb. 1958, notes for reference. Correct class to read U 13.2: P 75/2/958.

Apr. 1960. Entry 5160, Senate report 1139, Final report of Select Committee on Improper Activities in Labor or Management Field, pursuant to 8S. Res. 44 and 429, pt. 1; Feb. 26, 1960. Change 429 in 2d line of entry to 249.

Dec. 1961. Page 251, 1st column, Fairport, Pa. Correct to read Fairport, Ohio.

Feb. 1962. Entry 2375, Wordsmanship, semantics as Communist weapon. Cor- rect class to read Y 4.J 89/2: W 89/2.

Mar. 1962. Entry 6215, Introducing BLM. Correct class to read I 53.2: L 22/2/ 962.

Apr. 1962. Entry 7493, Saline water conversion demonstration plant: San Diego, Calif. Correct class to read I 1.87/2: Sa 5d/962.


May 1962. Entry 10720, Open-space land program guide, policies and requir ments for Federal assistance under title 7 of Housing act of 1961. Correct class to read HH 7.6/3: L 22/962. June 1962. Entry 12772, Urban renewal program, fact sheet on Federal assist ance to communities for urban renewal and related activities. Correct class to read HH 7.2: P 94/2/962. Aug. 1962. Entry 14908, Career staff to the President. Correct class to read PrEx 2.2: St 1/962. Sept. 1962. Entry 16281, Careers for you in agricultural economics and statistics, Correct class toread A 1.2: C 18/2/962. —— Entry 17634, Action for aging, reports and guidelines, patterns for progress in aging, June 1962. Correct class to read FS 1.18: Ag 4/2/962. \d

——Entry 18246, Educational publications. Correct class to read NAS 1.9/2

Ed 8/962. Ag Oct. 1962. Entry 19582, Urban transportation, fact sheet on Federal aids avail able to localities on problems of urban mass transportation. Correct class to read HH 1.2: T 68/3/9062. Nov. 1962. Entry 22605, Circular 460, Supplementary list of publications of Na tional Bureau of Standards, July 1, 1960—June 30, 1962. Add @ Item 242. \



eu ese e « .

: Classified List of Government Authors


ress Beginning


/> \dvisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations__-__- ae 1613

A vii Ben tana cmitinn : 1668

ail Agricultural Marketing Service_......_____~- : : 1614

3 to Agricultural Research Service... ~~~ a mes eT mitre 1620

Na Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service___- : 1664 Commodity Credit Corporation____.___-----~- wi 1961 Economic Research Service__.--~- Rete tt Seah nascent gee /S 2121 Farmer Cooperative Service_____- . wee 2237 Federal Extension Service... ~~~ , aA 2259 Foreign Agricultural Service____- 7 P ew ies : 2305 I HII cic lacdecease cae enitctnicamens _ 2310

Information Office... Pate aiaaie 7 Rural Electrification Administration aiuto 3313 3

Soil Conservation Service____~-~- ; ae 333% Statistical Reporting Service____-_- - - sos Arms Control and Disarmament Agency- ; 174 Atomic Energy Commission. _~~~~-~~- ma 1816 Civil Aeronautics Board__.-..__.-__-_~-~- es ; 1930

Civil Rights Commission___._________-_ ~~ 1935

Civil Service Commission______________— ae 1936

Commerce Department___.._.__._---_-- nishii 1958 Area Redevelopment Administré Rc enncasnn , 1786 susiness and Defense Services Administration_ 1856 Census Bureau a ed - ; 1874 Coast and Geodetic Survey_ Sadan ; cae 1951 International Commerce Bureau 2380 Maritime Administration___- * 3047 National Bureau of Standards-_ 3171 Patent Office__ ee a 3251 Public Roads Bureau__ : . 3301 United States Travel Service—— 8389 Weather Bureau..............- i bette =e ea : 3398 Congress___— ieee ee ae . 1962 preeee Energy Joint | Committee 1968 Economic Joint Committee___- 1971 House of Representatives__—_-—~- 1976 Agriculture Committee— = 2046 Education and Labor Committee_-_ 2048 Government Operations Committee 2049 Interior and Insular Affairs Committee_ 2051 Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee_ 2053 samicliary Comamittte......ncecicccssce —_— 2055 Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee 2056 Public Works Committee S aninbaardial < sd . 2057 x1





Farr Fed

Fede reds Fede ede

Fede Fede ‘ign-Trade Zones Board



House of Representatives——Continued Science and Astronautics Committee Small Business, Select Committee on Un-American Activities Committee_- Ways and Means Committee

eee ae Aging, Special Committee on_- Armed Services Committee_- Commerce Committee____-

Foreign Relations Committee Government Operations Committee__ Interior and Insular Affairs Committee__- Judiciary Committee______-_ peer Lee Labor and Public Welfare Committee_- Public Works Committee__-

nse Department

Air Force Department : =

Armed Forces Information and Education

Armed Services Technical Information Agency

Army Department_- Army Medical Service_-

Engineers Corps

Ordnance Corps_- . Quartermaster General of Army Transportation Corps Civil Defense Office Navy Department Marine Corps Naval Operations Office Naval Oceanographic Office Naval Personnel Bureau Naval Academy. Naval Research Office Naval Weapons Bureau Ships Bureau_- n Credit Administration ‘ral Aviation Agency Air Traffic Service_- Airports Service Aviation Medical Service Flight Standards Service ‘ral Communications Commission ‘ral Home Loan Bank Board ‘ral Maritime Commission ‘ral Power Commission ral Reserve System Board of Governors

ral Trade Commission

‘ral Accounting Office

General Services Administration_

Federal Supply Service

National Archives and Records Service

Federal Register Office______-

seginning entry - oe Hi


2064 2066 2067 2084 2085 2086 2091 2094 2095 H 2097 21038 2104 (1 2111 . 1731 1789 1792 1798 a 2177 3245 3306 l

2909 d050 T

1934 7 3240 3045

3201 3210 3200

eo7128 on16

3236 3320 I

of 2236

2241 h 1781 , 1783 . 1849 b 2301 ?

H"o~9 2253

2°60 ( 545%) t 2264 ] plaid bye) 2984 2309 2318 on > > ) } 2280 3170

Fresruary 1963

Government Printing Office

Public Documents Division..__.....---- Health, Education, and Welfare Department-

| se

Food and Drug Administration_-

Public Health Service___- ~~~ =

National Institutes of Health- Social Security Administration— Children’s Bureau_____-- Family Rites Wanent -_ a ieetceecal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance : Bes reau

Vocational Rehabilitation Office____-__- Housing and Home Finance Agency-

Federal Housing Administration_-

Urban Renewal Administration_

[Interior Department_____~~_- m

Fish and Wildlife Service—

Geographic Names Board__- man

Geological Survey____--- .

Indian Affairs Bureau___-_-_-

Land Management Bureau

Mines Bureau___~--~~-

National Park Service

Outdoor Recreation Bureau Interstate Commerce Commission_-_

Joint Publications Research Service- Justice Department

Immigration and Naturalization Service NE SNCs cxpiesiccn annie erica eatin

Apprenticeship and Training Bureau

Employment Security Bureau-

Labor Standards Bureau_-_-

Labor Statistics Bureau___ ~~~ .

Wage and Hour and Public Contracts Divisions.

Women's Bureau___-__-

Library of Congress. _-- hi Copyright Office... ......-. aieesinianteiodl National Aeronautics and Space Admini stration_-_

National Labor Relations Board_-- National Mediation Board... __--~~- National Railroad Adjustment Board National Science Foundation ee ee:

Science Information Service Office_____-_ Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission. Post Office Department_-_

President of United States_____- ; a

Executive Office of the P renbdent

Budget Bureau Renegotiation Board alanis, Securities and Exchange Commission . ee Small Business Administration_~-_- -_ Se


Beginning a

3262 0: 358 2144 2304 3269 38178 3328 1922 2235 8244 8295 2361 2°61 3390 2368 2285 2337 2338 2366 3042 3051 3184 3247 2444 2454

2365 3010 1784 2174 3016 3023 8396 8403 3044 2107 3106 3179 3182 8190 3191 3316 8248


2905 3257

1850 3308 3317 3319

|9"n¢ OVen


Beginning entry Smithsonian Institution = Pins : 3327

National Museum---- 2 wes mapa edaes . 3183 State Department— ' : eablieiedaee andient 3337 International Development Agency---_-- . 2431 Peace Corps ES en

Subversive Activities Control Board. a 337


Supreme Court_-- : ca aah : tte 3374

20> o )

Tariff Commission_-_--_- : ae iain ; 337!

Tennessee Valley Authority_- ce . . ; 3378

Treasury Department___- a : ere , aan : seaiaa 8386 Fiscal Service

Accounts Bureau___- , ; , ; 1612

Internal Revenue Service__- : Sem ; . : - 237


Veterans Administration_—-_-_-- eee ed se ; : 3394


Monthly Catalog

NO. 817 @ FEBRUARY 1963


l- Combined statement of receipts, expenditures and balances of United States Government for fiscal year 1962. [1963.] vi+[1]+640 p. ({Treasury Department doc. 3228; Fiscal Service.}) * Paper, $3.75. @ Item 92s L.C. card 10-11510 T 63.113 : 962


Directory of Federal statistics for metropolitan areas. June 1962. viii+ 118 p. il. 2 p. of pl. ({ Information report]; M-18.) * Paper, $1.00.

@ Item 1049-—D L.C. card 6383-60452 Y 3.Ad 9/8: 2 M 56


Accurate weights and correct scales for livestock producers; [by Robert D. Thompson]. [1962.] [4] p. il. 4°. (Processed. Reprinted from Agri- 1962.] 7 A 88.26/3a : W 427

cultural marketing, July AMS (series). + A 88.40: (nos. ) programs conducted by State departments of agri-

Marketing service £ ‘ulture under Agricultural marketing act of 1946, in cooperation with Department of Agr ilture, Oct. 1, 1960—Sept. 30, 1961; [com piled and edited by Mildred Pasternak]. [1962.] cover title, vi+ %4p.4° @ Item 19—A L.c. eard 5090-60604 Grain inspections, 1958 crops, carload, cargo and trucklot receipts and shipments. [Feb. 1962.) 100 p. il. (Grain Division.) [Proc- essed. | card 62—64762 tion of small-scale and large-scale cotton spinning performance [by Edward H. Shanklin and Franklin E. Newton]. ([Jan. 10 p. il. 4 [ Processed. ] ‘ard Agr 63-39 Market news, fresh fruit and vegetable, seasonal movement guide for re- porting unloads. Oct. 1962. 15 p. (Fruit and Vegetable Division, Market News Branch.) [Processed.] Tf A 88.6/4: F 94

11% Supplemental table to Table of carlot conversion factors, fruits and vege- tables, effective Oct. 1962. [1962.] 7 p. (Fruit and Vegetable Di- vision, Market News Branch.) [Processed.] ¢ A 88.2: F 94/17/supp.


0 Annual report of cooperative psoroptic cattle scabies eradication activi- ties, fiscal year 1962. Sept. 18, 1962. [8] p. il. (Animal Disease Eradication Division, Special Diseases Eradication.) [Processed.] + T.€. card 57-62047 A 77.233/3 : 962

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1621 Annual report of cooperative State-Federal sheep scabies eradication 16











Page 2


activities, fiscal year 1962. Sept. 25, 1962. 6+ [2] p. il. (Animal

Disease Eradication Division, Special Diseases Eradication.) [Proc-

essed.] f A 77.233/2 : 962 16 ARS (series). f A 77.15: (nos 22-83. *lant nematodes [with list of references]. Dec. 1962. li+24 p. il. 4 lf (ARS special report.) @ Item 25—B L.C. card Agr 36-40 83-78. Effect of insect repellents on plastics, paints, and fabries; by Irwin H Gilbert and Harry K. Gouck. Dee. 1962. 21 p. [Processed it L.C, card Agr 63-65 3-79 Evalua n of polybutenes as miticides [with list of references cited by Merrill L. Cleveland [and others]. Dee. 1962 16 p. [Pro« essed Prepared in cooperation with American Oil Company.] L.C,. ecard Agr 63-64 33-80 Method of estimating face fly populations on cattle [with list of liter ture cited] ; by Judson U. McGuire and Reece I. Sailer. Dee. 1962 Sp. 4 Processed L.C. ecard Agr 63—66 34-28 Crops research; Rice gene symbolization and linkage groups [with list of literature cited Jan. 1963 [2]+56 p. [Includes list of ke literature and other reports on linkage in rice. ] @ item 25-B L.C. card Agr 63-73 34-40. Hardy, productive tree fruits for high altitude section of the centr Great Plains region; [by Gene S. Howard and G. B. Brown]. Ox 1962 6p. 4 (Crops Research.) Processed. } L.C. ecard Agr 63-41 41—61. Determinati of sediment density by gamma attenuation [with list of literature cited; by J. Roger McHenry]. Oct. 1962 16 p. il. 4 [ Processed. ] 6 L.C. card Agr 63-32 41-€@4 Power series solutions of one-dimensional flow equation for exponenti nd linear diffusivity functions vith li of literature cited; | E. J. Ss t,and others]. Sept.1962. 3839p. il. 4 coe. @ Agr 62-472 12-71 Differenti harvesting of cotton [with list of selected references]; | I. W. Kirk and R. F. Colwick Oct. 1962. 12 p. il. 4 [ Processed ¥ L.C. ecard Agr 63-67 $2—74. Detecting and measuring mechanical picker lubricants on cotton [ wit! list of literature cited]; by O. B. Wooten, R. BE. Parker, and C. § Shaw Nov. 1962 9p.il.4° [Processed.] L.C. card Agr 63-35 44-3. Tables on hatchery and flock participation in national poultry improve 7 T. ment plan | States and divisions, 1960-61 ul 1961-62 and U.S eas summary, 1956-57 to date; [compiled by Animal Husbandry Resear Division ]} tevised Sept. 1962. [1962.] [4] p. 4 [ Processed. ] 14-4 Tables on hi: ry and flock participation in nati il turkey improve ment plan States and divisions, 1960—61 nd 1961-62 and U.S sul r { 57 to date; [co iled by Animal Husbandry Researc! Divi n] Revised Sept. 1962 [1962.] } p. 4 [ Processed. } $4—10), Turkey ROP summary, 1962; compiled by Animal Husbandry Researc! 165 Division. Novy. 1962 Lp.4 Processed. } 44-13 Turkey performance tests, 1962, report of « tral turkey meat pri l tion tests i st istical analysis of perfor nee records: [cor piled by Animal Husbandry Research Division Dec. 1962 43 p. 4 6 Iter ~o-B L.C. « d 60—60478 1G5 14—75-3. Report of egg production tests, records of stocks entered in performant tests In United States and Canada, 1961-62; [compiled by Poultr Rese h Branch, Animal Ht dry Research Division]. Dec. 1962 cover title, 76 p. 4 @ item 25-B 14-122 DHIA sire summary list 1962; pt. 1, Ayrshire, Guernsey, Jersey, Brown Om Swiss, M ! S! thor e, and Red Px sires Dec. 1962 3] . @ Item 25-B 7. © ' 71-20 Bridgir ut pment to lust sage [wit ist of lit L. Miller and Ed rd L. Griffi 5 jr.J. Oct thern Ut ition Research a1 Deve Processed. } L.C. « f 73-38 Total hexane and ethanol extractives of tobacco {with list of literature cited; by R. L. Stedman, W. R. Bilinsky, and A. P. Swain]. Dee 165 1962 l p. ({Eastern Utilization Research and Development Division.]) L.C. card Agr 63-68 73-39 Fluffed maple products, new use for maple sirup: [by A. E. Wasserman J. C. Underwood, and C. O. Willits]. Dee. 1962. 6 p. narrow 8 ({ Eastern | tion Research and I eloy it Division.) ) 82-2—4. Summary of activities, fiscal year 1962, Plant Quarantine Division Dec. 1962 15 p.il.4° [Processed.]

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Frepruary 1963

91-34. Manual for livestock inspection at public stockyaras [with list of ref-

erence material; prepared by Animal Disease Eradication Division]. Oct. 1962. cover title, [2]+24 p. [Processed. LIllustration on p. 1 of cover.)

91-36. Recommended procedure for isolation of Salmonella organisms from animal feeds and meat byproducts; [prepared by Animal Disease Eradication Division], Oct. 1962. [2]+8 p. 4 [Processed, }

93-1. Cook pork and its products thoroughly. Dec. 1962. [1]+24[1] p il. 4 ({Meat Inspection Division.]) [ Processed. Illustration de

signed for reproduction as poster. ]

Food values, their derivation and use [paper presented at program of Nu trition and Dietetics Conference, Division of Indian Health, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Washington, D.C., Feb. 6, 1961, by] Bernice K. Watt, Consumer and Food Economics Research Division. {1961.] 8p. [Processed.] 7 A 77.713: W 34/2

General catalogue of Homoptera : fascicle 6, Cicadelloidea, pt. 2, Hylicidae; by Z. P. Metcalf. Apr.1962. [2]+18p. { @ Item 25-C L.C. card 28-7846 A 77.20: 6/pt.2 —— pt. 3, Gyonidae; by Z. P. Metcalf. Oct. 1962. [2]+229 p. [Con tribution from Entomology Department, North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station, Raleigh, N.C., cataloged as Paper 1453.] + @ Item 25-C L.C. card 28-7846 A 77.20: 6/pt.3 —— pt. 4, Ledridae; by Z. P. Metcalf. Nov. 1962. vii+147 p. [Con- tribution from Entomology Department, North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station, Raleigh, N.C., cataloged as Paper 1454.] f @ Item

25—C L.C. card 28-784 A 77.20: 6/pt.4

pt. 5, Ulopidae; by Z.